Due to strong interest by local canoeers and kayakers, the Lisle Park District decided to construct a canoe launch on the East Branch DuPage River, The launch will be the first of its kind in DuPage County on the river. The 18' Canoe Yawl is laid out to sleep two in V-berths which can also be converted into a large double if the crew desires a more cozy arrangement. The attractive 23' big sister to the 18' Canoe Yawl should prove of appeal to canoe-stern enthusiasts. A fast, light cruising cutter with plenty of volume and space below for comfort and an efficient, easily handled cutter rig.
Anyone with children will understand the desire to introduce them to the magic of boating at an early age.
The latest small motor cruiser in our list is the 26ft Turmoil, a Vee bottom boat with a rugged workboat feel. The most recent addition to our range of simple transom sterned cutters is this 34ft model.
This book from Paul Gartside is a collection of 23 essays, each accompanied by a full set of ready-to build boat plans.
Whether you are looking for the next building project or simply enjoy pondering the possibilities, this volume will provide endless distraction. This is the latest in a series of motor sailers I have done with a traditional flavour to them.
The styling of this large motor sailer has Pacific NW written all over it, but it was actually drawn for use in the Mediterranean.
A small beach boat of traditional model and construction ideal for day trips, fishing and pot hauling.  Power is supplied by an outboard motor of modest horsepower with oars and rowlocks as auxiliary backup. While the variety and size of fittings is different for every boat, these will prove a valuable resource for anyone contemplating the construction of a traditional rig.
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A head, stove, inboard power, long straight ballast keel, self-draining cockpit and split rig make this a true cruising vessel—pocket sized! With 6'-2" headroom in her cabin, she's comfortable for longer voyages, and affords a surprising amount of accommodations in just 23 feet of length. This is a boat for serious cruising folk that sleeps up to six but is easily handled by two. Such is the motivation behind this design for a scaled down rowboat, its proportions adjusted to suit little ones in the age range 5-10.
This is a displacement hull of V-bottom form with a cruising speed of 6.5 knots with a three cylinder, 35BHP diesel. Good headroom and a spacious interior make this a most comfortable cruising boat for the traditionally inclined. The essays provide relevant technique and professional know-how along with musings on the world of boats in general.
They range from the simplest plywood pram dinghy to sailboats of the most sophisticated traditional construction. Whether braving the rain and cold of this coast, or the scorching sun in the Med, the comfortable wheelhouse and inside steering will be most welcome.
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And, the mizzen will help hold her steadily head to wind in an anchorage and make her easier to balance for self-steering. There is also a small fish hold version, which was used on Iota, one of the first 18-footers built. A large single (or small double) berth to port and single berth to starboard foot beneath the cockpit, with their forward ends making comfortable lounging seats next to the ice box and sink to starboard and counter & wood range to port. It was drawn for an experienced amateur builder in Auckland NZ who did a first class job of it launching in record time.

While small in size, this is a proper little boat of sophisticated model, several notches above the kind of simple plywood types that kids are more commonly given to play in. The construction is detailed for traditional carvel planking on bent frames, the simplest and most suitable method for a boat of this character. Construction is fully glued- triple skin planking on laminated frames and backbone for low maintenance and long life. Traditional carvel on bent frames is the best match for the character of the boat and will be the most enjoyable to do. There are twenty three complete plan sets, plus a final chapter containing detailed deck and mast ironwork drawings.
She sailed from Seattle to Alaska and back, serving as home for her crew for over a year—including wintering aboard in Alaska. Forward there are two V-berths with bookshelves outboard and head between, or a double berth to one side.
For a boat that must live on a trailer, the option of strip planking sheathed inside and out with glass cloth and epoxy resin is also shown. It's just small enough it might be possible to get away with that approach given sufficient perseverance.
A large stowage area in the lazarette is representative of the accommodating amount of stowage space in the rest of the vessel. This vessel has been optionally gaff cutter rigged, using the gaff cutter Sail Plan from the 25' Gaff Sloop or Marconi Cutter rigged using the rig from the 27' Cutter.

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