Please do not use the email form below to make reservations or change current reservations. 32 comfortable rooms, 12 wooded RV sites and primitive tenting areas all on 8 scenic acres bordered by the Little Brule River and adjacent to the Bois Brule River and the Brule River State Forest. Camp Nine is a three bedroom, one bath log cabin on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior and the mouth of the famous Brule River.  Camp Nine sleeps 8-10.
We offer canoeing, kayaking and tubing fun along the banks of a stage one river in Ontario, WI. We will completely equip you for a day on the Kickapoo River, to include canoe or kayak with paddles and life jacket. NOTICE: When signing our contracts, please note that you will be charged for any damage, including loss, to our rental property. Our most popular trip is 8 miles of primitive wilderness, designated as a wild and scenic stretch of the AuSable River. Do not operate a watercraft while intoxicated, it is illegal and dangerous.

We do not transport private tubes, inflatable rafts or oversized coolers as they are not allowed.
For environmental reasons, StyrofoamA® coolers, glass bottles, paint balls and balloons are not allowed on the river. Enjoy the majestic AuSable River in a tube; it is one of the best ways to spend a hot, sunny afternoon. Our 17-foot canoes are safety inspected, registered and licensed by the Michigan State Waterways Commission. Fresh and saltwater guided kayak fishing trips are also available by heritage endorsed guide.
We enjoy helping the novice and the experienced, the individual or large groups helping them make the most of their visit. Early in the morning you are likely to see deer, mink, beaver, eagles, and all types of ducks.
During off-peak a $5 per day Federal parking fee will be collected per vehicle for the Federal government (there is no scheduled pickup during these times).

Our kayaks are easy to maneuver because they are shorter than typical kayaks, making them run straighter.
Church youth groups, Social Clubs, School Groups of all ages and boy scout troops out exploring have each found Mr. This way your vehicle will be waiting for you when you complete your trip on the AuSable River. For safety reasons we limit three to a canoe and recommend two for the most enjoyable trip.
They feature a longer cockpit for easy entry and exit and their width makes them more stable.

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