I have read several books about kayak building, have reviewed many web sites pertaining to the subject and have come to the conclusion that this particular model, for the money and effort, is hard to beat for anyone who wants a recreational kayak. If you would like to purchase plans for the 12' & 14' model of the kayaks you see on these pages, Email Us!
If you want totally free plans, check out these scanned images from various Home Mechanix articles regarding the King Canvasback wood and canvas kayak. Contact us for additional building notes, full sized plans, or a video of the general construction.
Click here to read through the most Frequently Asked Questions and our attempt at answering them. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. I've attempted to gather the most helpful tips and modification from each set of plans. Well mine has shark teeth, eyes, a couple thumbs-ups and a racing stripe, if you want some pictures i would gladly post them. Although we are rank novices at it, we enjoy paddling around the local lakes and dream of kayaking in more exotic locations with more exotic kayaks.

I have built several of the wood and canvas kayaks discussed on these pages using plans from my good friend Leo Monsen.
It is very similar, probably the Father, of the wood & canvas kayak I describe on these web pages.
There are no warranties, guarantees, or liabilities implied or suggested in anyway associated with these scans.
Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions you might have or clarification of the FAQs.
Our kayaks are identicle , except mine is made not to fold, as the supports fell in one day and I sank. I find the supports somewhat hard to remove and insert, but it has gotten easier over time. This is a brilliant kayak you've built but i was just wondering what sort of conditions this can go in, As i live near the sea and was wondering whether it would be to rough for the kayak. Without modifing the original kayak, maybe by bolting a through hull mount for a bracket to attach a keel to for stability. This site provides information about how to build your own skin on frame, wood & canvas kayak, including free plans and offers for purchased plans.

The plans are easy follow and the kayaks are relatively easy to build, given you have access to basic woodworking tools.
The Set 1 scanned images come to us thanks to a kind reader whose name I unfortunately and ashamedly forget! Then somehow make a mount for the mast somewhere that would run through the tarp and be able to attach it easily. You also agree that the publisher of this web site, and all those associated with this web site, are free from any liability or responsibility associated with these scans and the information therein. Hopefully the video will turn out this time and I can get it out to those of you expressing interest in it. Set 2 is a more detailed set of scans and are easier to read than Set 1 at the expense of larger file sizes--thus longer download times.

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