Note: The plans assume you are thoroughly familiar with the actual construction process of a Cedar Strip Canoe using epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth.
Many people who purchase a basic kit are already handy in working with wood, have the necessary tools, and feel comfortable reading plans, following instructions and the cost may also be important to them.
The folks that purchase our full kits range from the inexperience; to those who have built many boats, many are repeat customers. Compare our list of supplies and parts with other canoe kit makers and you will quickly see they value we offer.
In the last few years we all are aware of the cost of fuel for your car and the trucking companies. Some are my former students who wanted another boat or a different model other then the one they built in my shop. You also will have me as an adviser to answer all questions you may have when building your dreamboat. Instead of building the full strongback and shipping it to you I only ship the strongback deck plate.

Many do not have the power tools to construct the parts that the basic kit does not include.
I will not leave you hanging when you most need the help, just email me, take a photo of where you need the help or send me you phone number and I will call you and talk you though your problem.
The strongback deck plate displays all the needed information such as: the centerline, station position.
All kits come with the best Western Red Cedar I can fine – all knot free and VG for the strips. Build or learn to build Wood Strip canoes, kayaks, woodstrip sea kayaks, row boats, rowboats, cedarstrip, Cedar Strip. So all you need to do is to build your own strongback and legs with two by fours and add the kits deck plate. Plus we supple the canoe saddle needed for working on - sanding, glassing and gunnel, seats, deck plates and varnishing the inside of your canoe. Extra cost for other types of woods such as Peruvian Black Walnut, African Strip Mahogany, Birch or even Birds Eye Maple.

If you decide you want to save a little money by not having the strongback included in the kit I will reduce the price of the full kit by $100. There is another extra charge for cutting the accent strip blocks, $100 and another $100 for assembling the accent strip.
Kits for DIY folk, do it yourself, handmade, homemade, hand made, custom built, White Salmon, Washington, Hood River, Oregon, WA, The Columbia River Gorge, boats, boating, rowing, paddling, paddles, oars, accessories.
You will receive all the necessary parts needed to put your boat in the water - including everything from masking tape for the forms, to varnish and brushes.
And finally, if you decide too laminate different woods types together for the seat, seat blocks and the thwarts.

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