Gulf Shores Charter Fishing Cooperative boat, Intimidator Sportfishing Charters is owned and Operated by Captain Johnny Greene. Captain Greene takes anglers and your group on a half day, full day and overnight trips to remember. As with all good Gulf Shores Deep Sea Fishing charters, some weekends book up a year in advance.
A charter is not considered booked unless the deposit is in our hand or on day charters, a credit card number is on file. If you would like to book the Gulf Shores Charter Cooperative boat, Intimidator Sportfishing Charter, please fill out our online reservations request. Is our Second largest vessel and is also geared towards Deep Sea Fishing, Salt Water Fishing and can even do some Bay trips. Also geared towards fishing in the Choctahawatchee Bay, the Little John is Coast Guard Approved for up to 6 passengers. Deep Sea Sport Fishing Charters ~ Sailing Out Of Bakers Haulover Inlet ~ Miami Beach ~ We Fish Sunny South FloridaMiami, Miami Beach, South Beach, Key Biscayne, Surfside, Bal Harbour, Sunny Isles Beach,Golden Beach, Aventura, Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, Dania Beach, Ft. New this year… In late July, August and September we will be doing some cod fishing trips south of Block Island.
Captain Frank Blume has over 40 years fishing experience and has been a licensed captain for twenty-seven years. Johnny has been fishing professionally for over 21 years and is one of the most respected charter boat captains on the entire Gulf of Mexico.
This charter boat is equipped to handle all your groups needs, whether they are small or large. Whether you want to catch big game fish like Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo and Dolphin. Please indicate on the reservations request an alternate date if needed so we may better serve you. If fuel continues to rise, there will likely be a fuel surcharge added to the price of the charter. Lead by Captain and Co-Owner of Big John Charters, Todd Allen, the Big John is Coast Guard Approved for up to 12 People. The One Mo’r is Coast Gaurd Approved to carry up to 6 People fishing from Destin Florida.

We are versatile in our fishing techniques and enjoy the challenge of findingand catching fish. The Milwaukee and Racine harbor area's have the best Brown trout fishing on the Great Lakes during this time of year.
We start our fishing in early May as soon as the larger Striped Bass arrive, usually around May 10th or 12th. Captain Frank was recently featured in Top Rated Saltwater Fishing with a First Choice listing with other selected affiliates. The Intimidator can carry up to 20 passengers on a day trip but only 10 passengers are allowed on overnight or tuna fishing charters.
Full day combo trolling and bottom fishing trips are our specialty, but we will run overnight trips upon special requests. The Surcharge is based on the cost of fuel, multiplied by the average number of gallons used for your trip length. Brown trout range from 16 inches to 16 pounds and there have been several 30 plus pound Browns landed over the last few years. He grew up deck handing on some of the best charter boats and learned the necessary skills to become the best offshore fishing charter, overnight charter boat operating in the Gulf of Mexico.
The Intimidator Charter Boat of Gulf Shores has state of the art fishing gear, electronics and life saving equipment.
Intimidator bottom fishes for Grouper, Amberjack, Shark, Red Snapper, Triggerfish, Scamp and Vermilion Snapper.
Unfortunately, we have to go up on the trip prices and you will be charged accordingly, no matter when you booked you trip.
The crew is patient and courteous and willmake you feel comfortable with the boat and tackle.
It will only be a matter of time before this area produces the next world record Brown trout.
The months of May, June and July are excellent for catching Striped Bass along with some Bluefish.
Cobia trips are also available during the months of March and April each year while deep sea fishing in Gulf Shores. He is working hard to ensure that generations to come can enjoy the fishery the way he has for many years.

There is a 10 percent administrative fee for refunding any deposits that adhere to our cancellation policy.
You'll have a great time fishing on our express boat and checking out our rigs and tackle.We welcome kids!We always welcome children aboard OUTCAST and havechildren's life preservers on board.
Lake trout and Coho salmon are also caught during these trips as they come near shore to feed on spawning smelt.
When fishing with kidswe cater our trips to their needs and encourage childrento participate. Evening and night fishing produce some of the largest Striped Bass after the Blues have arrived.
He is a perfectionist that is driven to provide wonderful fishing experiences for his clients.
We use different tactics and adjust our gearso that kids can experience the thrill of catching a fish. The Milwaukee and Racine harbors have enormous amounts of bait fish for Brown trout to eat and Brown trout live after spawning, so they live longer than salmon.
These harbors have more reliable seas for spring charter fishing off Racine and Milwaukee during unpredictable spring weather. Silver King Charters has all the baits to catch these fish in spring and our boat is two thirds in closed so you are protected from the elements. By the end of April we are beginning to transition to Coho fishing as Racine charter fishing becomes some of the best fishing of the year.
Our boat is fully rigged and ready to catch Brown trout and Coho salmon in the spring. This can be some of the most explosive fishing of the year, especially for September Chinooks.

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