AAA Charters offers wide selection of Alabama six pack fishing charter boats in Orange Beach AL, Gulf Shores AL & Perdido Key FL.
The Alabama Gulf Coast is the homeport for over 100 charter boats for-hire, including a select group of luxury multi-passenger charter boats. Distraction Charters is the ultimate of all six passenger charter boats that operate in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama. The Distraction Charter boat is 41 feet long, has twin caterpillar diesel engines and has a really comfortable air conditioning system onboard. Unlike any charter boat Around.  Distraction is setting standards, one family at a time.  Book your trip today! Taking your family deep sea fishing for the first time, isn’t such an imposition!  Book your trip today! There is nothing you can’t do, when you finally make up your mind to do it!  Book your trip today!
The experiences you receive while fishing with us, will shape who you while moving forward in life.  They are more valuable than any material goods you will ever possess!  Book your trip today! The expressions on your face is priceless and we aim to catch that special moment for you.   Book your trip today! Our relentless attention to every detail and improving the family fishing experience drives us forward!
If you catch a big Cobia like this one, the rest of your trip is made!  During late spring and summer, these migratory game fish show up on Alabama’s artificial reefs and they offer an incredible light tackle fight. During the late summer, Mahi Mahi can be caught while trolling fishing south of Orange Beach.  If you are lucky enough to catch one, they are very tasty too!  Book your trip today! Would your kids like to learn how to drive the boat?  Captain Troy encourages you to come up and take the helm. You will love seeing amazing Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Birds and some really cool looking fish like Mola Mola and Jellies. Want your own big fish story?  On most 6 hour charters, someone gets a chance to get a competitive edge over their buddies.  All sharks are photographed and then released. Because you deserve it.  Your family will will always remember the time when you took them to experience a different kind of fishing charter in Orange Beach. It is time to put the accelerator down on your imagination and experience a fun, family friendly fishing trip that can be found nowhere else. We keep the boat moving along, dragging baits of different colors, shapes, sizes at different distances and depths while waiting for a strike.

On all of our half day trips you will be using NEW light tackle fishing gear that will be the highlight of your family trip. Children & Kids FishingImagine finding an offshore fishing guide that specializes in taking kids as young as 4, deep sea fishing. Finally, A different kind of fishing charter boat in Orange Beach that only caters to families. For those of you who have concerns about offshore fishing for the first time and want to keep land in close sight, you might choose our half day trolling trip.  During the summer months and early fall, this trip gives us enough time to locate schools of mackerel fish that will give you plenty of action. You get to indulge yourself while experiencing a safe, private, “G” rated, kid friendly, laid back, hassle free, deep sea fishing charter in a way that can be found nowhere else. You get the full use a charter boat that is well maintained, safe, clean, a large air conditioned cabin, odor free, private restroom and a kitchen with a microwave. We encourage children to engage themselves at their own pace or comfort level and do something they can’t do at home.
When I think of deep sea fishing, I think of dropping a baited hook below the charter boat and wait on a fish to bite my hook. This equates to you getting a lot of hands on experience and some incredible light tackle action.  If the fish you catch are in season and you want a harvest a few fish for dinner, that is alright by us. Trolling is a lot of fun and really gets hot in June through October each year, while our waters are warm and the pelagic and migratory fish in close.
You better bring your camera, because you will want to get some pictures of your kids driving the boat. We 0ffer you a complimentary copies of your family while fishing and a movie of your entire fishing trip. When you think of charter fishing in Gulf Shores, Alabama, most people think about deep-sea fishing. Most of the gulf water that is south of the Gulf Shores area is pretty shallow as compared to other areas that are thousands of feet deep. We do have a good trolling fishery for King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, jack Crevalle and Bull Redfish. We are competent, knowledgeable and will always put your happiness before our personal gain.
This way, you can re-live your charter whenever you like.  You can also see who caught the most fish.
Most of the six pack boats in the fleet feature air conditioned cabin, but there are a few open deck fishing charters as well.

He began fishing professionally in 2002, after a successful career as a banker and a transportation manager for a fortune 500 company that is now named Fedex Freight. The marlin and Mahi-Mahi are best caught on trips that are overnight or on trips that allow you to get to blue water which usually means waters that are deeper than 250 feet. All of our offshore fishing vessels are equipped with marine heads for your convenience and comfort.
He is conservation minded and a visionary when it comes to deep sea fishing in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The thought of catching a fish from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico makes grown men trimble and kids not sleep at night. See Dolphins & Sea TurtlesBeing able to see Wild Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Pelicans and Seagulls up close, is the highlight of any fishing charter. In addition to offering fishing charters these boat can be chartered for cruises, concert transportation, weddings, corporate meetings, and special occasions.
Our six passenger fleet of vessels includes Hatteras, Bertram, Resmondos, Buskins Island Hoppers, and quite a few boats that have been customized by their captains and crews. Our luxury multi-passenger fleet of vessels includes Resmondos, Bonner, Gillman, and quite a few boats that have been customized by their captains and crews for your comfort and enjoyment. If you go 40 miles south, it it around 200 to 250 feet deep before it drops off to about 1300 to 1700 feet deep.
Enjoy deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico on luxury fishing charters Orange Beach AL and conveniently located just minutes from the beaches of Gulf Shores AL and Perdido Key FL.
Our geographic area allows us to fish deep-sea but most of the fishing is done in water that is less than 125 feet. He also offers a dvd movie of your trip, complimentary food and drinks, professional photography of your catch and loves to laugh.
So when you think of deep sea fishing in Alabama, it is much more than simply heading right off the beach and fishing in deep water. If you have small kids or this is your first time fishing, you don't need to miss the Distraction Charter Boat.
If you want quality fishing charters, then look no further than Distraction Charter in Gulf Shores.

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