Currently we are offering complete NC Fishing Packages, with accommodations dockside in a one bedroom apartments,  Please call us for custom package pricing, or click the link above for different pricing options. LOW PROFILE is setup with twin Caterpillar diesel engines,a fully air conditioned salon, top notch Penn Tackle and is rigged for battle. You'll find the LOW PROFILE dockage at Hatteras Harbor Marina, a full service marina with nice accommodations and Dunky's Restaurant.
Call Captain Christiaan directly to make your reservation for an adventure that the whole family will remember. When you leave the shore behind on the Bulldog, you can look forward to a pleasurable experience on the coastal waters of Hilton Head, South Carolina. It feels great to explore the warm Atlantic waters with the professional expertise of a charter boat captain on your side.
By hiring a full-service charter company, you and your fellow travelers can relax and try your favorite type of sport or pleasure fishing. Looking for some serious Hilton Head SC Fishing, be sure to make the most of your ocean-going hours.
You’ve found a local company with tons of experience in Hilton Head South Carolina Deep Sea Fishing trips. If you are looking for a longer adventure (6-10hrs), ask about other affordable packages for Hilton Head Offshore Fishing. Enjoy a day of light tackle fishing on the waters of Hilton Head, South Carolina with inshore fishing guide Captain Charlie Beadon. Let’s head out for a saltwater fishing charter around the backwaters of Hilton Head Island.
Depending on the type of fishing charter that you choose  and the species that we are targeting we would fish out of either my flats or bay boat.
While fishing you will be astounded by the diversity of resident wildlife and the scenery surrounding Hilton Head Island. As a full time fishing guide I run a high volume charter operation which allows me to be on the water almost everyday, this keeps me well tuned as to what’s happening on my local waters! Moreover you might want to visit my Frequently Asked Questions page to see some of the common questions that get about guided fishing charters -or- see what others have been saying about Hilton Head Fishing Adventures on my Reviews Page. The waters around Beaufort and Hilton Head Island offer some world class inshore and shallow water fishing opportunities.
We have an excellent inshore fishery most of which takes place within the calm backwaters and flats located within a few miles of the docks from both Beaufort and Hilton Head. Sight fishing is my favorite way to chase fish in saltwaters… it is the ultimate hunt with a fishing rod! For as long as I can remember I have been fly fishing and tying flies and I truly enjoy sharing that experience with others!
Nearshore fishing can cover a number of different styles that may range from sight fishing the Broad River to dropping baits out in the Port Royal Sound. For fishing the the inshore backwaters we would fish out of my 18 foot technical poling skiff by Fly Boatworks.
If you are looking to book a guided fishing trip CLICK HERE To Contact Captain Charlie for more information. Website provided by Virtual Marketing Concepts and optimized for IE7, IE8 and Mozilla at a screen resolution of 1024px by 768px. The Tuna Duck is a 50' custom built charter boat, designed specifically for fishing the offshore waters off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The heated salon has 2 large bench seats with thick cushions that encompass the entire starboard and port sides.
The boat was named for the Cory's shearwater gull which is often seen feeding over schools of tunas.
Located at the southern end of Hatteras Island in Hatteras Village, and fishing out of Hatteras Inlet, between Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands. All tackle and bait furnished; Leave at dawn and return between 4 and 5 PM with 6 to 7 hours actual fishing time. To book, call 772-219-9592 to speak with Mary, our booking person, available 7 days a week from 9 AM till 11PM, or Capt. For a full refund of deposits, trips can only be canceled at the discretion of the captain. The OBSESSION is a 55 foot custom 'Carolina-style' sportfishing boat, the last and largest in a long line of vessels built specifically for charter fishing by Capt.
She is fast, clean and has a huge cockpit with a custom Release Fighting Chair, for those oversized Tuna we catch here regularly.

Catch cobia, tarpon, king mackerel, spanish mackerel, grouper, snapper, and plenty of sharks (Blacktip, Hammerhead, Tiger, Lemon, and Bull). It is something that you have to make time for the next time you visit the southeastern United States. Everyone has heard about the golf and great restaurants on Hilton Head, but the fishing is one of the best kept secrets!
It is the captain’s job to plan every detail of the trip so that your focus is on enjoying the experience. Boating is a great way to spend any visit to the East Coast, just about any time of the year.
For an affordably priced Hilton Head SC Fishing Charter, you don’t have to look any further than Bulldog Fishing Charters. There are different packages for customers seeking Hilton Head Deep Sea Fishing Charters.  It makes no difference if you are a beginner or expert, we have the right trip for you.
You might be surprised how much there is to learn about the fish varieties that are found while Hilton Head Island Fishing. We will travel offshore to pursue many different species of fish, many that are great to eat! For fishing the inshore shallows we would take my 18 foot technical poling skiff by Fly Boatworks. You will be taken in by stunning shorelines lined with palm, pine and overhanging oak trees set behind miles of marsh grasses which have been cut out by winding tidal creeks feeding into mud flats and oyster bars. As a top vacation and fishing destination most people find that the best way to enjoy a relaxing hassle free day on the water is by simply hiring a fishing guide. Though I fish for everything that swims… its just in my nature, I can’t be everywhere at once. Here in the Lowcountry we have quite a number of different fly fishing options to choose from.
Most of our nearshore fishing is done in deeper water and we are fishing for larger species such as cobia, tarpon, bull redfish and sharks. This boat is specially set up for poling and sight fishing the extreme shallows but also offers plenty of room and a great ride for running from spot to spot or fishing on the nearshore waters.
It is configured with 2 fiberglass sailfish chairs and a Scopinich Bluefin Unlimited fighting chair. Jeff prefers using light tackle for all species when conditions permit, and dependant on angler's desires and skill. Winter Bluefin Tuna, Springtime Yellowfin Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo, and great Billfishing action in the Summer.
It's looking like it's going to be another great Bluefin season here in Hatteras, so give us a ring if you'd like to catch that fish of a lifetime. Within the inshore back waters you will have the opportunity to fish the calm shallows using lures, flies and live bait tactics for species such as redfish, speckled sea trout and flounder.
This extreme shallow water boat is specially designed  for sight fishing the farthest reaches of the backwaters around Hilton Head Island particularly using light spinning and fly fishing gear. One of the main things that sets this area apart from all others is the fact that we don’t get any freshwater influx from inland rivers. We supply the boat, equipment, licenses and most importantly our knowledge of the local waters to put you in the right  position to catch fish! If you are looking to set up a guided fishing charter the best thing to do is discuss with me what your fishing interests are so that I can let you know if I can accommodate you. General inshore fishing would be considered going out and fishing for what ever is biting during that time of the year. Basically what we are doing is looking for signs of the fish before we cast to them, it may be a push of water, a tail, feeding activity or even a look at the entire fish. On top of the list would be fly fishing for redfish primarily because we can fish for them year round and in many cases we are able to sight fish for them. In most cases these fish are going to be larger predators, some weighing in at well over 100 pounds.
We have Commercial and Charter Fished from Carolina Beach, North Carolina for the last 20 years. The Outbanks of NC truly offers some of the best Big Game Sportfishing in the Country, and the fishery is truly year round. Depending on the conditions we may also venture into the deeper waters of the Port Royal Sound or nearshore wrecks to fish for species such as tarpon, bull redfish, cobia, shark, king mackerel and various bottom fish such as grouper, snapper and sea bass. Not only is this a great shallow water boat but also offers an exceptional ride to get you to the fishing grounds dry and comfortably.
Most all of the water entering our waterways comes in directly from the ocean making our inland coast a massive tidal estuary.

I believe in offering a fun and unique experience on each and every trip and I can assure you that I will always work hard to put you on fish and show you a good time. From the time that we leave the dock until we return, my goal on every guided fishing trip is to maximize opportunities to get you hooked up with that fish of a lifetime. With changing tides, weather patterns and fish movements, hiring a guide that is on the water most every day will greatly increase your chances of bending rods and catching that fish of a lifetime. In some cases I may even recommend you to another fishing guide as he may specialize in your particular interest. Here we could catch a mixed bag of reds, specks, flounder, cobia, jacks ladyfish, bluefish, sharks and shrimp to name a few.
The other fish that I like to fly fish for are cobia, speckled sea trout, Spanish mackerel and blue fish. Given the larger size of these fish, we will often upgrade our tackle to 20 pound class spinning gear and 9-10 weight fly rods.
Though we have excellent fishing year round many of the species that we target are seasonal so feel free to contact me to see what’s biting during your visit. If you are looking to head into the Port Royal Sound or off to the nearshore wrecks for some bottom fishing, trolling or live bait action we would take my 20 foot Albury Skiff. These saltwater currents flow well inland bringing food and nutrients which in turn attacks a host of wildlife. Depending on the time of year you will have the opportunity see a diversity of migratory, wading and shorebirds such as bald eagles, herons and oyster catchers. Feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone if you would like to set up a fishing trip or have any questions about my charter services. I find that my job as a full time fishing guide is not only to get you into the fish but also to provide a safe and unique experience on each and every trip. But in most cases I find that many people are just looking to get out on the water to catch some fish and have a good time…I’ve got you covered there! Click Here to take a look at the various types of inshore fishing that we have during different times of the year. These fish are seasonal so it really depends on the time of the year as to whether they are running. If that isn’t enough, keep a good look out for a variety of different animals ranging from sea turtles to otters and of course plenty of bottle nosed dolphins! Please let me know how I can customize the right fishing trip to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.
On the inshore waters look to catch species such as redfish, speckled sea trout, flounder and sharks.
If you are looking for a relaxing day of saltwater fishing, an inshore fishing charter may be the trip for you! Redfish will be one of our top sight fishing targets as they are plentiful  throughout the year; during the winter months we will look for the large schools of reds on the mud flats and over the rest of the year we will be hunting for tailing redfish on the short grass flats. This is saltwater fly fishing and I use fly rods that range from 7-10 weight depending on what we are targeting. If you are looking for a fly fishing guide it is important that you choose one that fly fishes on a regular basis and understands the little nuances of fly fishing such as proper fly selection, boat placement and casting requirements. Fishing for the various nearshore species is highly seasonal but overall we will fish the nearshore waters from early spring until late fall. With plenty of rod storage, cooler space, twin live wells, padded seating and a T-top this boat has everything that we need for a day on the water. Nearshore we catch cobia, tarpon, bull redfish, sheepshead, Spanish mackerel and blue fish.
During the spring we get a good run of cobia that can be caught while sight fishing as they cruise on the surface. For much of our fly fishing it helps to have the ability to cast accurately at 40-50 plus feet.
Feel free to look through my website and see if there is a particular type of fishing that you are interested in. The OBSESSION was repowered in 1998 with a 1000 hp 3412 Caterpillar and cruises at 25+ knots.
Also during the summer months we will sight fish the nearshore waters for Spanish mackerel and bluefish as they crash the surface feeding on glass minnows and small squid. As a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor, I also offer saltwater fly casting instruction if you need a refresher. What can I say, the choices are limitless so if you would like to know more about what your options are or to Book a Fishing Charter shoot me an e-mail or give me a call.

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