Blue Water Connection Boats - 850-381-751418' Foot Hell's Bay Flats Skiff - 1 to 3 Guests with GuideBlue Water Connection is Panama City Beach's premier charter fishing company.Book your trip on our flats boat and come fishing with Blue Water Connection today! Charter Fishing out of Panama City Beach, Florida For Groups, Families, Teams and Businesses. This is a most enjoyable charter fishing boat that can accomodate most any style of fishing trip, deep sea, blue water fish like dorado, swordfish, shark and more. Gulf of Mexico with the Seminole Wind charter fishing boat out of Panama City Beach Florida.
We are home to the finest range of Ferretti yachts that are the perfect sport fishing vessels.

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Click the images below to see full size pictures from our recent Panama City deep sea fishing charter trips. Built for Fishing Captain Mike Miller by Miller himself, she is clearly laid out for the comfort and efficiency for both passengers and crew.
Thank you to Zach Ware (Captain) for giving us some creative freedom on this, though the concept was actually his idea (based off a painting he had). A trip where you can actually learn new techniques and fishing methods, as well as have a blast catching fish.

We will say it does have something to do with the unique type of Panama City Beach charter boat fishing that is offered.
Built-in on deck 80 gallon live well fishing bait system and a spacious bow deck for catching up on your summer tan. Fresh linens on the 8 clean comfortable bunks down below and enough room to sleep 5 upstairs.

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