The Chesapeake Bay and its major tributaries join to form the largest and most productive estuarine complexes in North America. In the Atlantic Ocean off the Virginia Coast, the warm waters of the Gulf Stream flow north along the East Coast until they collide with the cool, plankton-rich waters of the Labrador Current flowing south. The large peninsula that forms the Eastern Shore of Virginia is flanked by a chain of uninhabited and unspoiled barrier islands, creating yet another unique habitat. The table below shows the times of year selected recreational species are available in Virginia waters.
Content on this page is adapted from The Virginia Saltwater Angler’s Guide published by the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. People visit this site to find the right captain and boat for a Virginia fishing or cruising adventure. Catchin' Up II is available to take charters 7 days a week, and is located only minutes from Colonial Williamsburg.

We offer various discount packages that bundle your charter with lodging, dining, and other outdoor recreation! Please visit our Contact page for directions and to let us know how we can best serve you by email or voice. We are a first-class Virginia Beach fishing charter conveniently located in Rudee Inlet on the Atlantic Ocean. We do Virginia Beach fishing 7 days a week out of Inlet Station Marina at Rudee Inlet (December - March) and Queen Anne Marina on Kent Island, Maryland within minutes to both Baltimore and D.C. Tom Perry, a life-long saltwater fishing angler from Pasadena, MD, still gets excited when reliving the fishing experience of catching his 52-pound striper. These images and descriptions are excerpted from the Virginia Saltwater Angler Guide, a publication of the Virginia Marine Resource Commission funded by saltwater recreational license fees. They supply a vast amount of nutrients into coastal waters and provide a huge spawning and nursery area for many species of fish.  The tidal waters formed by the Bay and its tributaries cover over 2400 square miles and form habitats that welcome over 30 species of finfish.

These islands protect a rich complex of marshes, bays and sounds that provide a haven for a variety of marine life. For VA Beach anglers aboard Net Profits, that music played daily as they reeled in trophies while fishing out of Virginia Beach during the winter rockfish season. In fact, Virginia is the southernmost range of real abundance for many temperate species of fish and the northern range of abundance for many subtropical species.
Businesses of all sizes have found our fishing charter services productive for entertaining clients, as well as private and family Virginia fishing charters.

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