Location: Ohio Need advice on building cheap pontoons My pontoon style houseboat has about a 5 foot overhang in the rear. Location: Tasmania,Australia Gut feel - sounds fair enough with exterior grade plywood. If you cost the option of epoxy and cloth on the sides and bottom, versus just paint, you might find it might increase the cost by 10%, but increase longevity by 100%, especially if you allow for the occassional minor impact over the years. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The less expensive alternative is to buy several aluminum pontoon fishing boats and weld those together (the pontoons only) but all that are available within a reasonable distance seem to be only 24" in diameter.
Location: North Texas Thanks Ike I posted here because most of the folks on the other forum seem to prefer ready builts. I would suggest that if you want to retire on a houseboat that you look for a maintenance free construction as far as possible.
If you weld these end to end there will be an area that is difficult to get to and maintain and I would think they would rust out eventually.
We only have steel tanks here so if yours are aluminium forget what I said if you haven't already done so. If they are steel like ours may I suggest that you devise a way of strapping them on to the underside of your pontoon and that way you can release them for inspection or replacement. Also if you don't know, sorry if I am insulting your intelligence if you do, try and learn something about flotation so you will know what volume of cylinder will support what weight. Have a look at some houseboats and see if you can find one you want to build and take the measurements.
Location: Maryland If you look around, you may find a variety of commercial used barges and similar items that might work for you.

Barges or floats like this are also one of the areas where ferrocement makes sense, since you could build a mold that would turn out a bunch of similar parts. The green one in the first photo is 16.5' x 40' and has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Location: Lakeland Fl USA CDBarry has a practical solution with his barge suggestion. Like the guys said I to would go for a barge as a base, makes more sense both from a stability point of view and one of maintainance! Of course you can build it out of propane cylinders, blow yourself up to if you don't 'gas free' the bloody things but hell that's a lot of hard work!
Location: Eagle, Alaska Propane cylinders are heavy wall steel and they would be dangerous to start cutting and welding on, just as old gas barrels are, which is why you chisel a lid off and not go to torching or cutting with an abrasive wheel. Location: finland should work - you had a comma in your link text and con instead of com in the actual url address.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. I was hoping someone with design experience or hands-on building experience on this designers forum could offer advice. Augustine, FL, USA For the Flagler Floating Homes we built plywood barges and covered them with fiberglass. You could probably buy 2 24foot aluminum pontoon boats on Ebay for less than 5k each, or get the barge from Ted655, but propane cylinders would not be wise and require a ton of work.
The previous owner strapped (literally with nylon tiedown straps) on old plastic dock floats. If I use CDX do I need to coat the seams with epoxy resin and fiberglass tape or can I just paint it?

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Six years in the Navy and five years roaming Mexico have pretty well cured this country boy of long distance wanderlust.
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