Pictures of remarkable cars, trucks and motorcycles from car shows, car museums and classic car auctions across the U.S. Please call 1-800-957-5707 or 314-993-7104 with any questions or to discuss financing or transportation arrangements. The plywood boat division was needed in order to compete with other boat builders who were doing well in this category of boat construction and the expanding mid-priced market.

Chris-Craft Sportsman for sale - Rebuilt Chris Craft MS engine - 12V electrical system - Recent varnish - Refurbished bottom - Turnkey condition - Ready to launch - $22,000.00 CDN obo. Chris-Craft had already gained experience in using plywood efficiently and effectively while building landing craft for the War effort. Well equipped for a day on the water with dual bilge pumps, navigation lights, chrome air horns, Split Windshield, newer style trailer, and ski tow hooks.

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