The Chris-Craft Catalina 29 proves that center console and fishing dona€™t necessarily have to go hand in hand. When I first rode the Chris-Craft Catalina 26A and wrote up the boat review I tried to make the point that its fishing ability was surprisingly good for a boat with so much emphasis on panache, and while I might say the same thing about the Chris-Craft Catalina 29, I wona€™t. This image is featured as part of the article Chris-Craft Limited Edition Silver Bullet 20 Yacht Tender. We have been instructed by the owner to reduce the price of this completely restored 38 ft.
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Therea€™s also a two-tray tacklebox, though ita€™s accessed from inside the console (which is not exactly convenient to get to during a hot bite). But it also has a refrigerator under the passengera€™s seat, buttery-soft upholstery, and more teak accents than a Trumpy.

The Century is powered by a 6 cylinder Hercules engine (6 volt) with new fuel lines – in reasonable condition.
Many people under-rate the effectiveness of a center console when it comes to cruising abilities, and this is a mistake. The Catalina I tested was one huge sun-lounge from the console forward, and it had a comfy two-person transom seat as well as the twin helm bolsters.
A half-dozen people would be exceedingly comfortable using this boat for day-cruises, coving at the beach, or going for a dinner cruise. Sure, if it rains youa€™ll miss the protection a cabin offers, but otherwise your standard cruiser cana€™t top it.
Top-end breaks 53-mph, and a mellow 4500 RPM cruise will keep you kicking along at 41.0-mph.
This is a problem since my success on these will hopefully help propel me to a position where I can one day, hopefully( a big hope) own one of these. No worries; the Catalina 29 chops through a€?em, thanks to the steep 21-degree transom deadrise. Part of the credit for this boata€™s smooth ride also goes to its weight distribution; it comes up on plane without gobs of bowrise, and stays flat as you apply power.

Check out this short video, and youa€™ll see one of the reasons why - as well as some other evidence of smart design on the Catalina 29.The bottom line? But when push comes to shove, the Chris-craft Catalina 29 will be most appreciated by the boater who doesn't focus solely on one use or the other.
I would putt around the many coves of Moultonborough Bay in my 14′ Starcraft with a 20HP Johnson and I would discover a new beauty to dream of owning one day.
When Dad was feeling flush we would take a boat ride out of Weirs Beach in what they called a Winnepesaukee Racer and the ride was the most incredible and exhilarating experience of my youth. We probably took a ride after that and got some pretty good air off the chop of the often turbulent lake waters. Durning my short stint in great land of Ohio, I went out dozens of times in both vessels to Put-in-Bay.
The movie is worth not seeing not for this though, but rather the two best faces ever to star in one movie.I had the pleasure of helping to restore a Chris-Craft Sedan like the one in this link.

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