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This is a problem since my success on these will hopefully help propel me to a position where I can one day, hopefully( a big hope) own one of these. I would putt around the many coves of Moultonborough Bay in my 14′ Starcraft with a 20HP Johnson and I would discover a new beauty to dream of owning one day.
When Dad was feeling flush we would take a boat ride out of Weirs Beach in what they called a Winnepesaukee Racer and the ride was the most incredible and exhilarating experience of my youth. We probably took a ride after that and got some pretty good air off the chop of the often turbulent lake waters.

Durning my short stint in great land of Ohio, I went out dozens of times in both vessels to Put-in-Bay. The movie is worth not seeing not for this though, but rather the two best faces ever to star in one movie.I had the pleasure of helping to restore a Chris-Craft Sedan like the one in this link.

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