But in order to vote, you have to do it in the comment section below, so we don’t have to worry about the Century guys with their fancy automated voting technology. The biggest reason I chose the Arabian is because I really wanted a safe and reliable family boat.
Though I haven’t driven many sport boats, I believe the XK-19 Chris-Craft must be among the best riding boats of its size. So many things of the late ‘60s and 70’s have become cliches of their era — pedestal seating, digital watches, etc. It’s the fun of seeing others delight in the boat’s go-fast style, even when it’s just parked.
You have to pay the pretty girls to be in a Century photo, and they literally fight with each other over a chance to ride in the classic Chris Craft.
Now if we expand it to a threeway competition, Raquel Welch would have won in 1971, but barring one hellofa restoration job, I bet Alex’s XK is much nicer looking in 2011-2012 and still wins hands down. My question to all would be if you had one boat and you could only chose one of these two which would you choose.. Although the XK-19 is beautiful, my vote goes to the more user friendly Century, the manly boat with the big 440 Chrysler. The muscle car era was peaking in terms of popularity and horsepower, and the boat builders were also focused on performance with the availablity of big V-8 horsepower engines from the automotive manufacturers.
This is old school voting, and if you are worried about hurting their feelings, just vote as Mongo, or Murray, or Joe M. We e-mailed Mike & Alex and asked them to provide us with some comments on why they think you should vote for their classic boat. Truth be told, two weeks before I bought the Century I was hoping to consummate a deal on an XK-22, down in Sacramento.
Right after the Lake Tahoe Concours show, we have our local Lake Oswego boat show here in Oregon.

After researching the XK’s, I had learned the startling fact that many kids have gotten injured on them. While the XK-19’s styling is of that vintage, it is not “period.” Balanced design rises above the excesses and fads of any era. My other is a 1969 19’ Chris-Craft Commander Super Sport, powered by its original 230 hp Chris-Craft 327QA motor. We can usually have it posted within a few minutes of receiving the e-mail all day, if our day jobs don’t get in the way. This boat just looks cool and with a 383 Stroker Vortec is incredible, in my opinion the best out of the crate marine engine ever built. I should explain,I have had a 1975 resorter for the last 26 years and it turns more heads now than when I first got it to replace several old woodies I had. The categories we asked them to comment on ranged from Performance, Styling, Handling, Eye Appeal (chick magnet), Usability and why they like it personally.
Several fingers have been stuck in the steering wheel and I’ve heard that many kids have had to have their fingers amputated because of this.
After only a few months of ownership, and regardless of the poll results, this is a boat I will keep for a long long long time! Dick Avery’s work on the XK-19 bred the bold muscle of America with the softer elegance of Italy to achieve something beautiful in any time. Purists might not like it, but I can’t imagine this boat looking any better than it does in this color.
The ability to travel in three dimensions cannot be duplicated on the water, unless you are in trouble.
One of these (to my knowledge) remains stock (as delivered), the other has been embellished (repowered and repainted). It’s not as sporty as some of the other boats of the era but it is a very utilitarian boat that also goes pretty fast.

Wait, no I like the stripe on the XK… No wait… Wait, no, I vote for Rachel Welch!
Our beloved 1929 Chris-Craft Cadet is an awesome boat, but with a 10 year-old son and a 16 year-old daughter we couldn’t maximize our family time on the water.
It’s a heavy hull and throws a helluva wake but gets up on plane nicely and handles great. Sadly, I’ve walked past my 1929 Chris-Craft at the dock several times, only to board the Arabian.
Though fed a steady diet of “slammed” and “donked” cars in popular movies, music videos, and electronic games, they find the XK awesome.
I am almsot never a PC guy, but I call a draw- XK has styling and power all over the Century, but Century more practical and original. While the Chris-Craft can pull a wake boarder (and throw a pretty good wake) it’s nearly impossible to get back in to the boat.
It came with a decent mooring cover and I’ve been using it regularly due to an uncommonly dry early winter.
I wanted a boat with either a ladder or platform along with a tow ring so we could enjoy the water around us and not just the boat.
The XK Chris-Craft is more of a sport boat and while it has pleasing lines, it is less practical as a family boat, in my opinion. How cool is it to be 10 years old and wake boarding behind the Mighty Arabian and the awesome sound of a big 440 Chrysler V-8 barking through straight pipes?

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