This is a typical boat design of the period, the oldtimer motor yacht was lauched in San Francisco in 1930 as a custom built wooden boat to Californian nobleman Frank M.
In the 1950th an 60th the boat joined several 1,000 miles 'predicted log races' in the Pacific from Oregon to Mexico (a predicted log race is similar to a car rally, where you have to reach the target at an exact time - not later or earlier).
In the 1980th Papoose was moored at Pier 39 San Francisco, the foto shows the SF skyline from that period. In a world where boats that have worked just fine for years are cast aside to satisfy market demand for more modern styling, the Grand Banks 42 has changed little in her four decades of production.

A genuine bluewater cruiser with a moderate beam and full-length skeg keel to give the 42 excellent sea keeping characteristics in a wide range of conditions. Yard Patrol boats, YP,s were mostly former privately owned vessels, yachts and fishing boats, which following Navy acquisition and outfitting, served during World War II and used mostly as Coastal Patrol Boats in the Pacific. In the 1960's and 70's the owner was the Hollywood Actor Denver Pyle with a STAR on the Walk of Fame, 7083 Hollywood Blvd, who played in hundreds of movies and TV Series with John Wayne, James Stewart, Paul Newman etc.
Trawler Yachts are known for their timelessly handsome style and solid construction, and few, if any, are in greater demand than the Grand Banks 42 Classic.

It is a Raised Deck Express Cruiser style boat of the period with plumb bow and transom stern. Our vessels are located in private marinas and in most cases are only accessible by our brokers.

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