Double exposure image of sailboat at horizon on the sea and wooden planks background, vintage filter. Offshore cruiser Atena took part in the KSSS 125 year celebrations at Sandhamn in 1955 and will be back 61 years later. The idea behind Baltic Classic Masters is to create a venue where classic yacht sailors and owners from different countries get together and have a good time, show off their beautiful yachts, form friendships across borders and test their racing skills in different courses and conditions.
Sail Yacht Society of Sweden is co-hosting the event this year and will be running a large part of the social program. The Scandinavian Classic Yacht Trust launched the Baltic Classic Master Cup in 2010 and it has rejuvenated the Baltic classic racing tradition.
Here you can apply to the Swedish Sailing Federation for a SRS rating certificate (free of charge). The conditions were quite windy with grey skies but the final day the sun broke through the clouds and the regatta turned into a showcase for classic yacht racing in the Baltic. SCYT Scandinavian Classic Yacht Trust  launched the regatta series in 2010 and GL Watson set up the Baltic Classic Master Cup in 2010 as a tribute to the skills of Nordic yacht designers and yacht owners. Classic Yacht Cup Sweden 2015 will not only have Swedish events, but also include Baltic Classic Masters in Turku Finland. The Russian L6 Onega with Nikita Brillantov at the helm won the Baltic Classic Master Cup 2013. 103 year old Mirame won the Saint Petersburg Classic Week fleet races 2013 ahead of L6 Nika and L6 Onega. The new Trosa Arko Classic Race, south of Stockholm, Sweden,  has got its first international participants.
The official opening ceremony of Stockholm's Wooden Boat Center, Nya Djurgardsvarvet, had to be moved inside one of the old boat sheds because of rain, but the guests were in great spirits and Sweden's King Carl Gustaf held an inspired speech.
The Wooden Boat Centre includes workshops, a cafe, a top of the line restaurant and Klubbarnas Klubb (the club of the clubs) a meeting room and bar for Stockholm yacht clubs among them KSSS, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club. The 95 sq m Gerdny on its way to the starting line at the Sjogardsregattan Stockholm City Classic in late May.
Fifty years ago Princess Svanevit, a twelve metre yacht that would have been a crown jewel of the Swedish classic fleet, was sold abroad. Scandinavian Classic Yacht Trust, SCYT, has since 2009 developed the event series, the Baltic Classic Circuit, in cooperation with the European Union, cities along the coast, yacht clubs and other national organizations in the three countries. Mirame is one of Russia`s oldest and most beautiful yachts built in 1910 in the Grand Duchy of Finland. Last year's Saint Petersburg Classic Yachts Week was a great success that many international visitors missed because it was late in the season. In 2013 SCYT and the St Petersburg Yacht Club will start the event already July 23rd and there will be plenty of time to sail to Russia and back from Sweden and other distant ports before work starts again after the vacations. St Petersburg Yacht Club and the top notch high standard Hercules Marina will be represented at the SCYT Baltic Classic Weeks information stands at the three first days of the Helsinki Boat Show starting February 8 and at the three last days of the Stockholm Boat show, March 8-10. SCYT has coordinated the Helsinki Classic Yacht Week and the St Petersburg week, so the schedule allows for a comfortable sail between the two Baltic Classic Weeks and the  opportunity to race for the Baltic Classic Master Cup at both places.
The St Petersburg Classic Yacht Week is aimed at creating an interest in classic boats among the youngsters of the city. Swedish 95 sq m La Morena won the Baltic Classic Master Cup with Swedish 10mR Itaka finishing second. La Morena was designed by Gustaf Estlander and built at Pabts-Werft in Berlin 1922 for Frithiof Dahl, a Stockholm engineer.
Saint Petersburg Yacht Club and its Commodore Vladimir Lyubomirov has great aspirations for Russian Classic Yachting. The purpose of the agreement is to raise the attraction and visibility of the Circuit and Baltic  classic yachting in general. Vladimir Lyubomirov, Commodore of the Saint Petersburg Yacht Club and SCYT's Chairman Feargus Bryan have signed an agreement to work together to attract more international yachts to the Baltic Classic Circuit.
He continues: ”Our yacht club is the only one developing sports traditions and promoting marine culture and ethics in kids education. Feargus Bryan, the chairman of SCYT, is looking forward to the new cooperation with enthusiasm : ”This is a very interesting project and we are eager to share our experience in organizing classic regattas with Saint Petersburg Yacht Club. The first contact between Scandinavian and Russian classic yacht owners happened recently,  in 2009 when the King and Czar jubilee took place at Tullgarn Royal Palace outside Trosa, Sweden. Last year Finland's TV4 run two programs from the Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Regatta and the Baltic Classic CIrcuit.
The program also includes interviews with the founders of the Baltic Cassic Circuit Olle Appelberg and Feargus Bryan, owners of Athena and Troubadour. The Pommern Regatta is the perfect meeting point for the Swedish and Finnish classic yacht fleets. The move to Rodhamn will save time and distance for yachts coming from the Classic Boatmeet in Nynashamns, Sweden, commemorating the 1912 Olympic sailing event there and for yachts continuing to the Helsinki and Saint Petersburg regattas. A rule change in the Baltic Classic Master Cup will also make the Pommern Regatta an even more attractive  destination for yachts from mainland Finland. The Classic Boat Meet, part of the Jubilee commemorating the Olympic Sailing Races in Nynashamn, Sweden, 1912, Some of the yachts that participated in 1912 will be back.
Another spectacular event is the St Petersburg Classic Week with three days of racing and a two-day festival at the Peter and Paul Fortress in the city center area of St Petersburg. The first leg of the race starts in the beautiful Stockholm city center and runs through the archipelago to Sandhamn, The offshore leg starts in Sandhamn and runs to the island of Gotland and back. Part of the Jubilee Regatta arranged by the City of Nynashamn, Nynashamn Yacht Club and Foreningen Sveriges Klassiska Fritidsbatar.

A spectacular new event including three days of races and a two day festival based at the Peter and Paul Fortress. Tom Jacoby and his crew won the the Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Classic Master Cup in Helsinki. Happy crew aboard the British skerry cruiser U5 Patriot (22 sq m) in Trosa harbour, Sweden. The first weekend in August will mark the start of an eventful and exciting sailing week in Helsinki. The Baltic Classic Circuit has become a great media success with news coverage in print media, internet, social media, radio and television. The second picture is from Helsinki Yacht Club's, HSS, home port Skifferholmen with more than 200 guest getting ready for the regatta dinner, a casual elegant affair. The Swedish 95 sq m Kerma with Claes Ahlin at the helm won the final race of the Tullgarn Royal Palace Regatta on Saturday.
The full Baltic Master Cup Royal Palace Regatta race results from Trosa, including the Nynas Trosa Classic, the Sail Parade and the final race will be published on Tuesday.
Friday morning became a media event and the crew were interviewed by Swedish radio, television and newspapers. Vixen logged more than 1000 miles at an average speed of 4 knots, including a 24 hour period of no wind and 48 hour long tow through the Kiel Canal. Vixen arrived in Brunsbuettel at the entrance of the Kiel Canal at around 19.30 Thursday night, almost two days eariler tha expected. Monday morning Vixen reported good speed in light increasing breeze near the Dutch port of Breskens after 200 miles and 40 hours at sea. The tiny 15 sq m skerry cruiser Vixen left Cowes for her 1000 mile journey to Trosa, Sweden, with the four o'clock tide on Saturday. Luke Yeats, Jack Gifford and Will Shepherd will be sharing one berth, so they aren't counting on much sleep. Nika, a Russian L6 off shore racer from St Petersburg has signed up for Trosa Tullgarn Royal Palace Regatta in Sweden.
The first L6, Sirius, was launched in 1963 at the Leningrad Experimental Yacht Yard of Trade Unions. He adds that the class, especially the older yachts, need urgent restoration and Russian with resources are more interested in new luxurious motor yachts than in restoring this cultural heritage. The Soviet Union wasn’t known for encouraging its citizens to take off on long ocean cruises, so the creation of the L6 seems more than odd to an outsider. Off shore racing was strictly controlled by the government, but nevertheless there were attempts to escape, particularly during the Baltic Cup.
Alca will celebrate her 114th birthday showing off her beautiful slender lines at the Tullgarn Royal Palace.
Three 10mR yacht (Aaworyn above) have pre-registered for the Trosa Tullgarn Royal Palace Regatta. Mignon will be heading for the Tullgarn Royal Palace Regatta flying the Swedish Norwegian Union flag. The Grand Old Lady of square meter yachts, Beatrice Aurore, was the first to pre-register for the Trosa Tullgarn Royal Palace Regatta. Number two to pre-register was SK30 Raket, a 1918 skerry cruiser that has gone through a full structural renovation in Germany and been returned to its home waters.
In 2010 the Swedish town of Trosa celebrates its 400 anniversary, launching the first Trosa Tullgarn Royal Palace Regatta.
The festival (called Trosa Seglar Vackert, in Swedish) will start August 3rd with Swedish and international championships for 22 sq m skerry cruisers (A22) and four classes of malarboats, the 15, 22, 25 and 30 sq m Swedish one-design yachts. Finland's third oldest yacht club, Airisto, will celebrate its 150 years jubilee with three days of fleet races. Three yachts now share the leadership in the Baltic Classic Master Cup after four race events.
Friendship II finished third of the three cup yachts in Saint Petersburg which rendered her tenth place in the fleet race. Karel and Nicolien Beer from the Netherlands has signed up "Ketty", a Malar 25 for the race. Gerdny will race in the AFOR Classic in a field of the finest offshore yachts and large skerry cruisers in Sweden.
The organizing club KSSS, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club, will set up a special classic trophy if eight classic yachts or more join the race. For a very long time the whereabouts of this gem designed by Gustaf Estlander, where unknown and yacht aficionados believed she had been lost for ever. Yachts can leave St Petersburg July 29 for a lazy cruise to the Helsinki Classic Yacht Week, which has its first race starting a week later. Here is a happy young skipper with the American yacht Galatea and the Czar's Winter Place in the background.
The magnificent GL Watson cup will be presented to Nils Forsfalt and the La Morena team at the prize giving ceremony for the Scandal Beauty Trophy Race in Stockholm, Sunday September 2nd. At the moment the most renowned classic regattas are held in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Aland will be counted as a "second country" for these yachts and for all Swedish and most Finnish yacht it will be the closest destination where the yachts can fill the "two country requirement" stipulated in the Cup rules.
One of them is the Swedish Olympic Gold Medal Winner 10mR Kitty, now flying the Finnish flag. The biggest classic yacht race in the Nordic countries, 200 yachts in 20+ different classes.

Judd Tinius on Galatea has announced he is crossing the Atlantic to compete in all eight regattas in the Baltic Circuit. The following week the AF Offshore Race Classic (formerly known as the Around Gotland Race) starts at Stockholm and Sandhamn, Sweden. Our base will be Mariehamn's Western Harbour, next to the full-rigger Pommern and the old ASS yacht club. Finnish yacht photograper Jorma Rautapaa (see his gallery) covered three events, Japanese photographer Yoichi Yabe spent the week i Trosa and the Royal Palace Regatta was also covered by German and Swedish photographers. In addition, Claes Ahlin finished 2nd in the A22 championships, so he had a very successful week at Trosa. The samples were handled over to the Asko lab for analyzes, but Jack Gifford commented that they had seen a lot of garbage in the water in the North Sea, but nothing at all in the Baltic. When leaving Cowes they were accompanied by Uffa Fox'  22 sq m Vigilant, the yacht that he sailed to Sweden with 80 years ago. Nika was built in 1975 and is part of an entire fleet of little known Russian off-shore racers. It is still pretty fast even compared to more modern boats,” says Vladimir Ivankiv, a Russian yachting specialist. He claims the main thoughts behind designing the first national off shore class was to encourage long distance sailing along the extended sea coast of the Soviet part of the Baltic and within the vast inland waterways, which include the biggest lakes in Europe. This race was the largest in the country, starting in St Petersburg with stop-overs in Tallinn, Pyarnu, Riga, Klaipea and Ventpils. She very much resembles her younger but bigger sister M3 Galatea (pictur above, photo: Olle Appelberg) , who is a frequent participant in classic regattas in the Caribbean and along the North American East Coast.
The yachts participating in Swedish Championships are included in the Royal Palace Regatta at no extra fee. When Mignon was launched in the spring of 1905 Sweden and Norway was still united under the same king.
In 1907 she was measured as a 12mR and she was very active racing, In 1908 she won the KSSS (Royal Swedish Yacht Club) Kanholmsfjarden races ahead of the famous yachts Esperanza and Ariadne, writes skipper and owner Mats Selin.
At the same time we don’t want to risk her, so the Royal Palace Regatta suits us very well,” says Richard Kahm, who is one of the owners.
The just renovated Finnish 12mR Blue Marlin and off shore cruiser Navigator will race with Swedish 10mR Itaka, 95 sq m La Morena and other "big boats".
Secoind in the overall Cup was 10mR Itaka from Sweden with helmsmen Ingmar Bergman and Patrick Stahle and third was the Finnish offshore cruiser Friendship II with Hilding Mattsson at the helm. Yachts race for the Baltic Classic Master Cup, a competition that requires boats to race internationally within the Circuit. The regatta program will include a visitors day with sightseeing in tjhe beautiful historic city on the Neva. The Baltic has a great potential deserves a lot more international attention and I’m sure that joined efforts will help us to bring more classic boats in here.
Uf is an IT entrepreneur based in Stockholm, Sweden, and he also has a vintage motor yacht.
Two and a half hours later Vixen docked in total darkness after some interesting passages between rocks and islands. Vixen will be sailing all around the clock and her first planned stop will be in a week's time at the Kiel Canal. The material was fir planks on oak frames, with one or two exceptions where mahogany planking was used. The Soviet government would also allow some yachts to leave the country for sailing tours round Europe.
Unfortuntately, one of her former owners replaced the gaff rigg with a mizzen mast and a masthead rig. The flag was nick-namned the herring salad, because of its mix of colors and shapes in the upper right hand corner (above). In 1910 Mignon was measured in as a 150 sq m and she dominated the races in this new class the following three years.
On the picture above she is being chased by SK95 Irmelin and Britt-Marie, at the square meter class 100th anniversary race in 2008. After him she had ten different owners and a number of different names over a period of 75 years. The event has already attracted a lot of interest and many of the finest classic yachts in Sweden and and Finland will be there, including 55sq m, 75 sq m and offshore cruisers. An important objective is to help create and maintain a vibrant international classic racing community. It is part of the famous Round Gotland Race, but the classic track will not take you round the island. Galatea has twice been the winner of the Antigua Classic and also done very well in Newport and Nantucket.
Four out of ten members of this consortium are related to the eleven previous owners of the yacht.

Plywood boat model
Suncruiser pontoon boat seats

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