The origins of a Panga boat are that of a work boat and a low cost fishing boat for shallow waters and designed to be pulled up onto a beach by village fishermen. Our Panga hulls, are priced very affordable and built with the best quality you will find anywhere. Panga Cabin Fishing Boat designed for remote water excursions in lakes, rivers any where shallow water stops all other cabin cruisers. Evolution of the Panga design is unsurpassed with the latest Panga boat beyond anything found anywhere.
Go to any other build and ask them to build your hull customized just for you with the hull bottom 16 to 18mm thick and the sides 6 to 8 mm thick. One is a commercial building method made like no other brand with self-bailing scuppers, foam filled gunnels and other safety at sea requirements for commercial fishermen whose lively hood depends on a heavy duty safe in any sea conditions fishing boat.
Thenoticeable flared gunnels act to deflect splash from the sides and front, so itis a dry ride. Smooth safe boating offshore combined with fuel efficient hull design of a Panga gives the best fishing experience available.

Since then many times we hear about Panga boats priced considerably less than our already low priced Panga hulls and boats. Did you know that after the expiration date gel coat losses its UV protection and will discolor after a few short months in the sun? The pad means this delta shape protrudes from the hull about one inch the entire length of the delta. We price our boats with global shipping for less than what other brands cost without shipping.
Did you know when fiberglass cloth expires it absorbs moisture and becomes stiff causing a whole list of problems that are costly to repair? But that is just how we build every hull so the customer can be confident when running offshore that they have the toughest hull made anywhere.
The next style is the recreational building style designed for family and hard the hardcore sports fisherman.
This pad acts like a rail reducing surface area in contact with the water which in turn reduces the friction, therefore the engine can perform more efficiently.

Thehigh bow is intended to counter a fisherman who stands in the front of the boatto pull up a heavy up heavy net. These models such as our 25 Panga have a refined finish inside and out with plenty of room for options and accessories a sportsman wants, including compact restroom facilities. This provides smooth ride inchoppy conditions; the flat delta pad allows it to easily be pulled up onto the beach, which is why it is popular in Mexico, Central and South america as well as island waters.
They are sold or donated to third world countries that have no standards of construction and build boats mainly for village fisherman who cannot afford boats made with new materials and U.S. Our customers do not need to worry about the inconvenience and added cost in dealing when comes to delivery. The third style is a mix of both where these models can be used for many applications either commercial fishing, recreational or as small passenger boats.

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