LOA is the overall length of the boat, Beam is the maximum beam, shown in feet and inches.
Extrusions, such as pipe, angle bar and flat bar are not included in this weight and can be estimated at 15% of the weight of plate. At Cope Aluminum Boat Designs we understand the design requirements for successful series production boatbuilding in aluminum. Coastal Craft's beautiful, cutting edge, world class yachts featured in some of the photos above, are living proof of that.
Cope Aluminum Boat Designs has over the last nine years produced 10 designs for Coastal Craft, ranging in size from 25ft to 56ft.

The Cope 11ft Jet Boat is the big brother of the Cope 10ft Jet Boat that has proven so successful and popular. A high speed outboard powered landing craft with a bow door opening of54 inches clear.You can use the cabin as drawn, have us design a custom cabin, or design your own cabin. These designs, owned by Coastal Craft, are the result of close co-operation between Bruce Cope and Jeff Rhodes and his crew at Coastal Craft. The hull has a deadrise of 17 degrees at the transom and wide chine flats for stability at rest and to make her get up on plane quickly.
It is a high speed inboard jet powered boat designed to be used in shallow, rocky rivers and lakes.

The wider bottom gives lower planing speeds and the longer length and taller sides give a little better ride and more comfort.

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