Selling 18' Simmons Skiff (with 2003 Load Rite trailer.) Comes with a 2001 50 HP Nissan 2 stroke outboard.
You get a real sense of the boat’s abilities in a chop from an owner posting on the Wooden Boat Forum. In close chop or swells, I can’t think of a boat I would rather be in than my tippy Simmons 18. Here’s a really well done video explaining some of the Simmons’ history and detailing the construction of a replica.

I will have to get the specifics and get back with you, but I do know that it is a Starline Tandem axle tralier that came with the 31' Cape Horn from the factory. I have a nice tandem aluminium trailer very well maintained that is rarely used for my Mako 261B that might be a good fit for you. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. At rest, regardless of which way the waves are coming, it just bobs up and down and slides over them.

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When under way, when other boats have the throttle down and their noses to the air and their stern in a hole, The Simmons wants to be on plane, which means I am back at the launch quicker.

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