If the soft, insulated upper and camp-ready outsole didn't catch your eye in Timberland's Earthkeepers Radler Trail mid camp boots, maybe the fact that they'll zip together for easy packing and storage will. If they had been waterproof I would have kept, but felt they were a little pricey for what I would consider a heavier duty slipper. They have fit the bill, I can go outside in them to to small errands and mostly use them inside to keep my cold feet warm.

Confidently casual with a hint of Mediterranean glamour, these shoes look good with both smart and casual day wear. The only down side for me is that you can't just slip them on without using your hands. Four way siping on the non-marking rubber outsole offers great traction on all surfaces – perfect for everything from running around town to a day out on the river, soaking up the sun.

Probably great for home use too, but why deprive yourself of the neatness of that tidy zip up option?!

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