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Ok, so it cana€™t fly or stop speeding bullets, but it can give you everything you need for a great day of fishing (leta€™s see a superhero do that!). Ideal for both fishing and family fun, the Family Fisherman comes equipped with all the features youa€™ll need to make the most of your time on the water. Since this is a short sale leftover special please understand that the boat may not be flawless, there could be a ding or scratch in it but you can rest assured that you can not find a better deal on 22′ Crest Superfisherman anywhere! Boasting 21'6" of great times, the Batata Bay 2185 is well equipped to handle a day of relaxation or a party cruise with nine of your closest friends.

Equipped with the Spec-Lock rail system, the Super Fisherman comes with what you need for either a fishing excursion or a day on the water with the family. New for 2008, this Crest pontoon boat features a radius front rail and deck, optional high back recliner front seat, Dove designer carpet, RE ladder. This is a NEW 2008 Crest 22′ Superfisherman pontoon boat powered by a Yamaha 150 HP motor. Sitting on heavy duty H34 5052 marine aluminum pontoons, this Crestliner pontoon boat is sturdy and reliable.
For your comfort, this Crest pontoon boat has a deluxe bass seat with arm rests, as well as bucket seats and a midsection bench.

Other features include a privacy unit with gate, second livewell in the port rear compartment and fiberglass countertops. The fishing machine of all fishing boats, our Super Fish has everything you need to go fishing for the day.

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