Fort Lauderdale cruise terminal, officially named Port Everglades, is known as the gateway of international trade and cruises in southern Florida. Port Everglades services a great deal of ships and passenger carriers each day; here, visitors can book a day cruise in Fort Lauderdale.
Another renowned Fort Lauderdale sightseeing cruise is the Jungle Queen, which offers a couple of different options from a Fort Lauderdale dinner cruise with an entertaining variety show to a sightseeing cruise of Fort Lauderdale surrounding the New River up to the Jungle Queen Indian Village, featuring wild and exotic animals, extravagant private yachts, and beautiful historic homes and mansions. Cruise to Freeport Grand Bahama from Fort Lauderdale, for the day or cruise over and stay in the Bahamas for as many days as you want at one of the Bahamas resorts such as the Our Lucaya Resort or the All-Inclusive Wyndham Viva Fortuna Resort.
For your convenience we have Fort Lauderdale airport shuttle service available at competitive rates. Heading further north up the east coast of Florida, the next major cruise port that you come across is the aptly-named city of Port Canaveral. Jacksonville rounds out the list of major seaports that can be found on the east coast of Florida.
As mentioned in the last paragraph, Tampa is one of the best places to go in Florida if you wish to board a cruise ship that is destined for Jamaica. Dredged out of Lake Mabel, a natural body of water that was part of the Florida East Coast Canal system, the terminal is a man-made port. Best Western Oceanside Inn is another popular accommodation, set in the center of the activity of Fort Lauderdale where guests can venture out and visit a variety of shops and cafes on a sunny afternoon, and enjoy the atmosphere of a small hotel with the amenities of a large resort.
Travelers who park their vehicle at the port can rely on well-lit lots, security patrol, and disabled parking.
Several cruise ships, including Discovery Island, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival Cruises, leave port headed for the Bahamas or neighboring cities for a one-day cruise.
Find out what to do near the port of Fort Lauderdale Port Everglades and get other tips from our expert .Relax at our Fort Lauderdale hotel near Port Everglade. Find out what to do near the port of Fort Lauderdale Port Everglades and get other tips from our expert .Port Everglades.
This 1200 passenger ship offers a great value vacation for as little as $84.94 (taxes not included).

Fort Lauderdale Airport is only 10 Miles from Broward convention center and Cruise Port Everglades. As such, this glitzy city is among the most popular jump-off points for cruises that are bound for Jamaica.
Also a popular Caribbean cruise embarkation point, Fort Lauderdale actually gives Miami a run for its money in the world’s busiest cruise port category.
This port is quite busy, which has a lot to do with the fact that it is only about an hour’s drive from Orlando.
As such, it is also worth keeping in mind when searching for cruises from Florida to Jamaica. Originally named Bay Mabel Harbor in 1928, the name of the seaport was changed via a naming contest to Port Everglades to better represent the region. Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale offers close proximity to the sandy beach as well as the shops and restaurants of Las Olas Boulevard. Guests can book passage to Freeport Grand Bahama for a day or make reservations at one of the hotels in the Bahamas for a few days and return to the mainland on another day cruise in Fort Lauderdale.
Other popular local Fort Lauderdale sightseeing cruise ships include the Carrie B and the Spirit of Lauderdale. The state stands ready with multiple cruise ports, and there are Florida to Jamaica cruises to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences. In fact, no cruise ship port in the entire world is busier than the Port of Miami, and it doesn’t appear that this will change anytime soon. A multi-million dollar cruise terminal expansion has a lot to do with the popularity of Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades cruise port.
Many people actually spend a few days or more in Orlando before or after their cruise in order to enjoy the theme parks and other numerous attractions. Visitors can take day trips and cruises from the port, and should it be necessary to stay near the marina, there are a number of comfortable hotels that are situated quite close by, allowing vacationers to easily access to the port and experience the variety of local sightseeing and shopping areas.
Comfort Inn and Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port Hotel and Marina are a couple of other accommodations that offer elegant rooms near the Everglades seaport.

Due to its location in the extreme southeastern United States, Florida makes for an ideal jump-off point for Caribbean vacations of all kinds. As such, anyone who is wishing to take a cruise to Jamaica from Florida is encouraged to consider as many cruise package deals as possible when searching for the right fit.
Thanks to the fact that it is such a busy cruise port, Miami is one of the best places to book cheap cruises to Jamaica, and Miami to Jamaica cruises in general are relatively inexpensive. It should be noted that Port Canaveral cruises don’t usually include a stop in Jamaica on the itinerary.
Generally speaking, most cruises from Florida to Jamaica depart from either Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Tampa.
You can find Tampa’s cruise port next to the Florida Aquarium, and it’s only some fifteen miles removed from the Tampa International Airport. Before making a final decision, it is best to research the current rates and confirm choices for all accommodations. As is true of most Caribbean cruises, the cruises from Miami to Jamaica tend to stop at various ports along the way, and there is plenty to do on the cruise ship when you’re out at sea. You can find this harbor and cruise port near the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, which is convenient for travelers who are looking to fly to Florida before their Jamaica cruise begins.
Before or after you go on your Tampa to Jamaica cruise, you can enjoy the many attractions in Tampa itself.
Dona€™t forget to enjoy the tours of Miami and Fort Lauderdale and the Florida Keys at competitive rates.
In addition to the Florida Aquarium, these attractions include Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, the Tampa Museum of Art, and the Lowry Park Zoo. The list doesn’t end there, and visitors certainly won’t want to overlook the Tampa beaches.

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