Fishing for over 50 years off the Alabama Gulf Coast, Gulf Rebel Charter Fishing is a family-owned and operated charter business in Orange Beach, Alabama.
We offer a wide range of charter fishing trips for anglers of all ages and experience levels.
This entry was posted in Fishing, News, Special Event Cruises and tagged affordable fishing charters gulf shores al, al gulf coast deep sea fishing, al gulf coast fishing charters, al gulf coast headboat fishing charters, al gulf coast whats biting Spring 2015, alabama offshore fishing, amberjack fishing al gulf coast, cheap fishing charters al gulf coast, deep sea fishing charters orange beach al, fishing report orange beach al, gulf of mexico reef fish charter fishing, gulf shores al charter boats, gulf shores al deep sea fishing charters, gulf shores al fishing report, gulf shores al headboat fishing, gulf shores al party boat fishing, gulf shores al walk on fishing charters, headboat fishing orange beach al, orange beach al affordable fishing, orange beach al bottom fishing charters, orange beach al charter boats, orange beach al shared expense fishing, orange beach al walk on fishing trips, Orange beach party boats, semi private fishing trips gulf shores al, things to do in gulf shores al, what's biting orange beach al, whats biting gulf shores al on April 4, 2015 by AAACharters Team. The 2011 Fishing Season has been incredible for a few of Orange Beach,Alabama's Charter Fishermen. Historically, the Cobia migrate from the Atlantic and enter the Gulf of Mexico around Key West and work their way up and around the Florida Panhandle and into Alabama waters the second week in March each year. We believe the Cobia fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama is good because of the salinity change near Lousiana and the fish are searching for water that is more salty.
Normally, a short 6 hour fishing charter, fishing boats like the Distraction and the Intimidator, run some two hours offshore before they begin fishing. From incredible deep-sea fishing to trout streams to the best bass lakes you’ve ever fished, the South is a treasure trove of great fishing spots.
The delight of finding an unknown park, a captivating history museum or a fantastic desert means exploration is never far from Carmen Fifield’s mind. DreamPlanGo Road Trip Giveaway: South Carolina's Hammock Coast grand prize winner will receive a family road trip package to South Carolina's Hammock Coast. Enter to win the DreamPlanGo Road Trip Giveaway: South Carolina's Hammock Coast today for your chance to win an unforgettablabe Hammock Coast adventure.
Subscribe to our Free DreamPlanGo Newsletter for weekly in-depth information on amazing destinations, travel ideas and tips to make your next vacation unforgettable. When you choose Distraction Charters, you are not getting an average charter boat that operates like everyone else.  We do for you is teach you a different way of reef fishing that  includes methods and strategies that help your family maximize your catch and ultimately make your trip more enjoyable. This type of fishing implies and is commonly understood that you will most likely be fishing in deep water or in the deep sea.  Just so you will know, most fishing off Alabama is done in water that is 65 to 125 feet deep. Today, the more experienced anglers’ fish with different tackle and techniques on the same spots or reefs and catch larger fish.
Years ago, local fishermen understood that the largest fish or the best grade of fish do not live on the bottom or on the reef itself. As briefly mentioned in the above paragraph, fishing high in the water offers conservation benefit because the fish do not suffer Barotrauma. This type of fishing is done when traveling to and from the fishing grounds at a high rate of speed.
Sometimes Blackfin Tuna are caught in late summer within a few miles of the beach while trolling fishing. We offer half-day, full-day, and overnight charter trips, and we will gladly build a trip to suit your needs. The result of deploying all of these reefs is that these structures are now the home for abundant populations of various reef fish species making our water some most productive (and considered among the best) fishing grounds in the US. AAA Charters also offers the greatest selection of Party Boat (Head Boat) fishing trips on the AL Gulf Coast.
After last years BP Oil Spill, nobody on Alabama's gulf coast, including Charter Fishermen really knew what to expect this year.
Cobia fishing is a local captains hay day because it doesn't take a lot of fuel to idle along the coast line catching these fish on their way to Louisiana waters to spawn.
This phenomenon is unusual, but is really a blessing in disguise for Alabama Charter Boat Captains' Troy Frady of Distraction Charters and Johnny Greene of Intimidator Sportfishing. The trolling fishing for King Mackerel has not been as good as in recent years, but they are being caught.

Not only will you be landing some impressive catches, you’ll discover helpful outfitters, charming towns and lots of other attractions to check out in your down time.
You now have access to informative articles and beautiful photos that will inspire you to see great travel destinations an hour down the road, across the country and around the world. They realized years ago that most of the fish are free swimming high in the water column above the reef. It’s expensive, but being like me, you will appreciate knowing you are getting a chance to increase your odds of landing a big fish by not having a mechanical failure.
Similar to bottom fishing as mentioned above, families stand around the edge of the boat, but do not allow their baits to go all the way to the bottom of the sea floor. Larger fish are higher up in the food chain and unlike their smaller cousins, are not afraid to leave the security of the reef and venture up high into the water column in search of food.
Most of the time, we are pulling lures and baits at the same speed we do while trolling near the shore.
This type of trolling is different than near shore trolling or regular trolling trips where we pull smaller baits at 6 knots or less. Schedule a charter on either of our fishing boats or our shrimp boat, and have a blast with your group! We bottom fish for these reef species that are attracted to structures year-round including triggerfish, amberjack, grouper and several types of snappers. The fears have subsided and there are two Alabama Gulf Coast Charter Boats that are seeing an increase in bookings over any previous years past.
This year, we have seen a record number of Cobia on Alabama's Public Reef System during the summer months.
These two professional fishing guides are taking advantage of the Cobia fishing being so good and are able to offer their 6 hour trip anglers a little bit of variety of fish species in addition to the Red Snapper that everyone is used to catching. Famous for its oyster flats, Apalachicola is also a fisherman’s paradise with pompano, mackerel, seatrout and bull redfish flooding the bay in spring.
Take your charter out in the bays and inlets close to shore, or head out into the deeper, rougher Gulf waters. The sheer volume of enormous fish was the reason Lake Guntersville was chosen for the 2014 Bassmaster Classic. The second largest brown trout in the world was found in the nearby Norfork River so if fly-fishing for trout is your game, you can expect to find some truly enormous fish.
Due to its position along the Gulf Stream, Morehead City is like a rest stop for fish rushing up and down one of the Atlantic’s biggest highways.
Since there are still trees and debris beneath the water, water-skiers and pleasure boaters stay out of many parts of the reservoir leaving the area primed for good fishing. They are also capable of handling most every fish you catch on a half day or full day trip.
We call the places we bottom fish, “Spots” or “Reefs.” Bottom fishing is also a style or technique of fishing where everyone fishes at the same time as they stand along and around the rear and sides of the boat while they fish. Those who fished on the bottom often bypassed all the big fish and ended up catching smaller fish near the reef. This is a style of fishing that has been around for many years and was mostly used by captains on their own personal trips with their own family.  When we came along and became the first charter boat to recognize the ecological and biological importance of it, we set a precedence that most other fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico recognized and are now struggling to adapt to and begin using.
Larger female Red Snappers, usually live on the sea bottom and are not usually caught high in the water unless they are chummed up to the top or are really hungry. Fish that are caught within the second atmosphere of pressure (34 feet to 66 feet of the surface) do better than those caught in the third atmosphere or deeper. The length of the charter chosen will determine which type of fish you can reasonably target while offshore trolling.

When they see floating debris or a big weed line, there is usually bait fish underneath it to feed on. It takes this heavier gear to withstand a fish strike from a big King Mackerel, Bull Dolphin or Mahi-Mahi, A Giant Wahoo or a Strong Blackfin or Yellowfin Tuna strike.
Which fish can be harvested changes throughout the year depending on federal & state regulations (ask AAA Charters for details) . This is one of the affordable fishing trip available in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores AL & Perdido Key FL.
These two offshore charter fishing companies are busy as they can be and are catching a record number of Cobia.
This is highly unusual and can only be attributed to the massive flood waters from up north, pushing down the Mississippi River and into the Gulf of Mexico. If you aren’t ready to head out to sea, pier fishing is a popular Orange Beach pastime.
For those who’d rather fish for walleyes, largemouth bass and striped bass, Norfork Lake and Bull Shoals Lake are good places to start.
You’ll want to talk with an outfitter or a guide to find out about the best flies for the season. With us, if you need a little help, our deckhand is only a step away and ready to assist you. That is because small fish are at the bottom of the food chain and must stay close to the reef in order to survive. Within 30 miles or water that is 125 feet or less, you will most likely catch King Mackerel, Bonito, Mahi Mahi with an occasional seasonal Wahoo or Tuna. These magnificent fish are usually only caught during the spring migration during March and April each year.
If you are wanting to experience a fishing charter that is fun, charter a trip with one of these boats this summer and you will almost certainly be pleased with the results.
If you’ve ever imagined yourself spending your days on a boat in the sparkling Gulf of Mexico, fishing the Florida Keys is for you.
The Gulf State Park pier is a favorite on-shore fishing spot and is a fun place to take kids, too. Both of these fish are rare, but we do catch them especially during the summer months and up through the fall of the year. It is these areas where you increase your chances of catching a Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo or a hard fighting Mahi-Mahi.
Each of these saltwater fishing guides has a wonderful reputation and are great for families with kids of all ages. We commonly use light tackle and drift line gear when fishing high in the water column because it is better on the fish and does not wear our anglers out by having to reel up heavy two hook rigs with heavy leads all the way from the bottom.
Your chances of catching a bigger fish increase as you move to deeper water or depths greater than 200 feet and up to a few thousand feet.
No matter what size they are, they offer a great display of acrobatic jumping and tugging on a fishing line. The Distraction carries a maximum of 6 passengers and the Intimidator carries 7 passengers up to 20, depending on the length of charter taken. So, if you want to experience some top notch saltwater fishing charter in Orange Beach, Fort Morgan or Gulf Shores this summer, you need to get with these guys quickly.

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