The graphics look absolutely great; the colour matches perfectly with existing laser decals and the compass stickers are easy to read and very clear.
Additional products striping, marine graphics, fish stickers, and registration stickers to complete the look. For additional information and good old fashioned service, you can talk to us anytime on 1800 262 862 (FREE CALL) from 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week – or contact us online now. Boat Names Australia were proud to sponsor Jessica Watson on her solo journey around the world, providing all boat names, graphics, and decals for her yacht Ella’s Pink Lady. Most of our customers begin by using our popular online design tool to get started with their custom design.
If you already have a name for your boat, we provide the highest quality, most durable graphics—fully customised so you get precisely the look you want.
Ask our experienced professional boat lettering designers to create a truly unique name design to suit your boats' style and graphics. Make your boat look longer and sleeker with our great range of boat stripes in all colours and widths, suitable for waterlines, boot toppings, cove lines, gunnel stripes & pinstripes. Transform your boat with the largest range of modern eye-catching marine graphics to choose from. Custom design your boat registration numbers to match your boat name - long lasting & easy to apply boat registration numbers. Nothing gets visitors to your site quicker than our reflective advertising on your car or truck windows.

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I was thrilled with the finished product, instructions were good, and application was easy. We had many comments on how good the boat looked and how it was finished nicely with the decals. We provide the tools to design your own boat name quickly, easily - and in your own style and budget.
Design your custom boat name using our powerful and user-friendly online design tool—so you get precisely the look you want with minimum fuss. With 29+ years of experience in boat styling, our designers can work with you to create an even more exclusive look for your boat. After 23,000 nautical miles in 210 days, we were excited to see her safely home – and with our boat graphics still in perfect condition (as we expected!). Find attractive and wide range of customize boat graphics, unique fish graphics and long lasting boat stripes in USA.
We can then custom design your boat name to suit your boat graphics to give that complete custom finish. FREE single colour registration numbers when you spend over $65 on other items like a boat name. The fastest in set-up, our Table Throws are made of 100% nylon bunting or polyester knit material.Images require vector or raster artwork from customer depending on the manufacturing technique.

Also known as the blade banner, our Teardrop Banners are made of 100% nylon bunting material or polyester knit. Also known as the sun blade banner, our Wave Banners are made of 100% nylon bunting material or polyester knit. Only after being applied for 3 days, I have received numerous comments and inquiries on where and who did them and I am proud to be recommending your team. I found the online design function very easy to use, and really valuable because I could keep playing with the fonts, shading, colouring until I was completely satisfied. Once again thank you very much for speed at which they arrived and your professional workmanship. No fidgeting with individual letters and numbers – and we even include a free DIY application kit with all orders.
If you have any questions or particular details you want to discuss, call us at (800) 445-0653.

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