I like it.It could make some intresting handling if you were to forget to stow it before taking off and could get very ugly if you were to trim up. We saw the new Cobalt platform at the boat show this year & it was by far the coolest new change on any boat. FWIW, the salesman at the boat show told me Cobalt- apparently getting tired of copycats- waited until they were issued a patent before offering the new step. Originally Posted By: horizon210I like it but after seeing it on the show, I felt like it was too high.
From ski boats to runabouts, modern or antique, Black Dog Design, Inc., can manufacture perfectly-fitting shade-providing bimini tops for your boat. In this view, you can see the supports from the frame spaced close enough apart to not let the top hold water.
The project involved mounting the new frame as wide as possible and building it tall.  The result was a large bimini that both provides a great deal of shade as well as good access around the cockpit. Black Dog Design is located near beautiful Lake Ouachita, Arkansas, about 25 miles west of Hot Springs, AR, at the intersection of Highway 270 and Mountain Harbor Road. The following review was written by John Page Williams, Editor-at-large, Chesapeake Bay Magazine. As Chief Designer for Cobalt Boats from 1995 to 1997, Dave Triano designed many new models for Cobalt, with the resulting boats breaking sales records and reinforcing Cobalt's image as a superior manufacturer of luxury runabouts. The Cobalt 293, an award winning 29' cuddy, a supremely elegant and beautiful boat with an outstanding layout.

The 25LS, a lengthened development of the 'performance deckboat' layout first created in the 23LS. I keep trying to figure out a way to Jerry-rig one, I've never seen one manufactured like that, other than the automatic, installed ones, our boat is so far out of the water, it is a real pain. The hardware was very heavy duty & has a spring loaded pin that locks it into position.
Here's the pic I got, it has a simple lock on the right side of the hinge, and I remember it was wasn't hard to fold up at all-- the step's weight in relation to the pivot point may help? This is an excellent opportunity for us and we relish the challenge of promoting this “high end” brand!
Our services include the finest in interior layout design, materials designation, and color development.
This boat was the first to combine the functionality of the deck boat layout with a high performance V-hull. These 4 year olds boats were freshened with a superb new interior design, allowing both models to surpass all previous sales figures for the boats. He has been testing new and used boats for the magazine's Time-Tested and New Boat News departments since 1998.
She is a beautifully built little boat that comes with all of Cobalt's top-quality design, engineering, materials and construction. The Bravo 3 stern-drive offers good tracking at low speeds, strong acceleration and solid handling at speed.

Cobalt produce some of the finest boats in the World, the outstanding build quality and attention to detail is second to none in the sports boat market and the performance of the boats also lives up to this.
We are also members of the Color Marketing Group, so you can be aassured that your products will remain in style in a sophisticated realm not possible with 'the same old colors' that seem to be standard in the marine industry.
This project shows the specific effectiveness of Dave Triano's design approach, as the only change in the boats was the new interior. In a well upholstered "sportboat," there are lots of places where a shoddy builder can cut corners, but Cobalt invites close inspection in places where the sun doesn't normally shine.
There's plenty of storage under the seats, plus space for skis, wakeboards or dive tanks in the port console. It is high out of the water, (which sucks and is really a difficult climb out on the ladder, even for my very athletic and fit 25 year old son), I realize that being so high up, that drop down wouldn't be under the water, but it might be at least 'at' the water line, which would help some. Those options raise the price to $53,844, but they also protect the owner's investment in the boat. Every time they succeed Cobalt owners are treated to a tremendously rewarding ownership experience. This is a unique product that needs a unique dealership, Gibbs Boat Sales is that dealership and we would love the opportunity to show you.

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