When I took the Tip end of the seal off, it looked like the rest of the seal is held down with Pop Rivets.
First off (and it looks like you've already discovered this part), the cap and hull will either be screwed or riveted together.
Also, I'd wager that once you get further into this repair that you're going to find much more than just the transom that needs to be repaired.
Location: La Florida From what I have read, the cap should not be too difficult to remove. Location: apollo beach,fl there's a thread on here, i remember some guy with a deck boat (four winns maybe?) he's got a lot of pics and received advice on pulling the cap. Location: Georgia I've repaired a few boats (I'm in the middle of doing a bass boat right now), and I'm guessing yours is going to be fairly similar.
Location: Eustis, FL Most of the time, you'll need to break some bonds and sealant beads, to get the cap off.
Location: Eustis, FL If trying to hank the cap, it helps if you start at one end and work back.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Location: Rotterdam,The Netherlands Picture of a ranger 22 interior, looks like 2 posts for the mast. Location: Puerto Rico Hi Windvang and thanks for your help, but I think I describe the theme wrong. Location: New York No they did not have that and most small masts do not use it. I have seen some where the hole in the mast is large enough for the compression insert itself and the insert is cut in length to the width of the outside of the mast and placed into position. But the R21-EC, or any of the Ranger Tug designs for that matter, is not about simply standing out from the crowd. But these same design elements, although not having proved particularly popular over these many years throughout the rest of North America, are really incredibly practical, especially in the weather-shortened pleasure boating season found in most of Canada.

In business for over fifty years, Ranger Tugs’ President, John Livingston, has boating in his blood as his father, Dave Livingston, who spends time with John at the factory, has been responsible for probably more pleasure boat designs for more big name manufacturers over the past number of decades than any other single boat designer in the world. The pilothouse area of the cabin is pretty small and designed strictly for two persons with the helm to starboard immediately forward of the refrigerator and a passenger seat with footrest to port just ahead of the standard galley with sink, pressure water, and single-burner stove. The R21-EC with its new cabin design that’s eighteen inches longer and seven inches wider for all the world looks like a real tugboat with its four brass opening portlights, five huge pilothouse windows, the side two of which are opening with screens and the forward three each have windshield wipers, a forward anchor roller, high stainless rails surrounding the entire boat, and a roof-mounted remote spotlight, navigation lights, and the over four-foot stainless steel hinged mast.
All Ranger Tugs are inboard diesel drive and are designed with a semi-displacement hull to allow each boat to climb somewhat onto plane and therefore achieve speeds greater than a full displacement hull would allow. It’s always refreshing to see a unique design available in any market, and these four Ranger Tug designs are just that.
With a broad beam and the unmatched strength of our exclusive One-Piece-Feel Interloc Construction® standards, the 620 tiller model is engineered for exceptional stability in the most demanding conditions. I'll admit I haven't tried it in at least 45 years, and maybe things are easier these days.
The difficult part will be cleaning the crud from the insides of the tight quarters of the hollow after removing the bad wood so that you will get good bonding inside the repaired transom. It's easier if you use the weight of the boat to help or tie the boat down and use a chain fall to lift the cap. The areas that are bonded or have sealant, will reveal themselves as they catch and you can cut each loose as the show up. Iam talking about the pipe that going inside the mast in some cases between the spreaders bases etc. The only thing that does is keep you from over tightening the bolt and crushing the section a bit. It is about practicality and efficiency and the pure enjoyment that those attributes bring to boating. They have both spent countless hours cruising and fishing the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada their whole lives and bring this vast experience to their boatbuilding.
Full width, padded bench seating is provided across the stern and cushions for extra seating are also provided for atop the centre cockpit insulated motor box.

A comfortable and roomy-looking V-berth with centre-mounted porta-potti is a couple of steps below and forward. If you don’t mind being the centre of attention wherever you launch, dock, cruise, or anchor, and if you are ready for something different, and relaxing, and relatively efficient, and to slow down and fully enjoy and savour every moment and every sensual pleasure of your boating hours, days, and weeks, then a Ranger Tug could be just the answer. The deeper vee entry and flared bow design creates a super dry ride while also helping neutralize the harsh pounding of rough water. In the case of the Ranger 22 the tangs are more low than the spreaders bases and I look the holes and I dont saw any kind of pipe to compress the mast.
We used stainless tube that had an inside diameter just a bit larger then the bolt and cut that to be a length the same as the width inside the mast. The Ranger R21-EC, inspired by a traditional Bristol Bay trawler design may well be your answer.
So if practicality and efficiency are your cup of tea, then a Ranger Tug could very well be your answer. All four models look roughly the same from any angle - like a traditional tugboat, with a tall enclosed pilothouse with huge windows on three sides located relatively forward in the boat, and a relatively very high prow sloping down gracefully toward the low freeboard of the rounded stern, finished neatly with a swim platform. Add any one of several factory Sunbrella™ covering options to shade, protect, or fully enclose this space.
Just be prepared to handle hordes of inquisitive onlookers and answer loads of questions at every juncture along the way. With a centrally positioned fuel tank, the 620T enjoys an even greater running range along with tight tracking and precision boat control. I'm still going to try and take the Cap off and put new Treated wood in the Transom, Stringers and Floor boards.
The R21-EC is for gentle, relaxed, efficient, weather-protected cruising with its 3-cylinder, 30 horsepower, freshwater-cooled Yanmar diesel straight-drive inboard engine turning a single 4-blade bronze propeller with the classy and traditional-looking mahogany steering wheel controlling a single stainless steel rudder.

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