Location: australia Sean I really loved your idea for making quick rough surfaces using the heightfield when you first posted it. Location: australia Sean I like the wake images should make great bumps , you mentioned Photoshop in one of the posts, I believe its one of the most important steps as you can add detail that would be impossible to model and render effectively, especially spray and foam. Location: Europe is it not possible to export the wave field that produce in hullspeed to Rhino?
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. By listening to an often left-behind segment of the market, the brand was founded on strict principles with a sharp vision – to build high performance, price-point wakeboard boats that bring new levels of quality, performance and style to the entry-level boat market with unparalleled pride of ownership. Performance and customer satisfaction levels are being raised by Axis in this entry-level segment through an aggressive grassroots research and development campaign. I have to follow the drawings more closely now, this takes a little of the fun (sculptural and design aspect) out of it. If anyone knows if modern gun fittings and openings are different (such as found on the roof of a Humvee) please let me know. Location: Michigan Somewhere in this thread this design was mentioned, so I'm posting this here for future reference. I may have pictures of that test craft in my Jane's Surface Skimmers 1975-76, it's description sure does sound familiar. Originally Posted by alexmeldrummr4 I was privy to the Navy plans and special R&D with the original secret KNIFE BOAT PROJECT in 1981.
Originally Posted by Eric Bleicken I got to ride in Peter's 32 footer and we were able to go through some 4' wakes at high speed. Location: Melbourne Australia I am a bit bemused as to why no one has mentioned the austal - grumman littoral combat ship, something scaled down from that might fit the bill.
Location: St Augustine Fl, Thailand Littoral Combat Ship photos Here are some recent photos of the LCS 2 (to be USS) Independence . But she has one drawback, she?s strange looking but aerodynamically designed, is this beginning of a new design in ships? Many of the test events were conducted in high sea-state and wind conditions (8-foot waves and winds in excess of 25 knots). A vessel is nothing but a bunch of opinions and compromises held together by the faith of the builders and engineers that they did it correctly. Since this was just a trial vessel they did not go into production but in 2000 those ideas turned into this. I have a design I want to build but and am on a budget(who isn't) and want to build a 2 part Poly foam and plywood plug.
Any advice is GREATLY appreciated and will garnish good karma, my eternal thanks, and a free ride on the finished product whenever you are in Sunny San Diego.
Location: Milwaukee, WI Are you talking about building a plug or a mold with plywood and foam?
I am not sure what versa-foam is But if it is the spray on eurathane type seen to insulate stuff it is of a fairly low density.

Location: Gulf Coast This boat has a very full spoon bow from midship forward. Location: massachusetts I would suggest finding your local composites supplier and developing a relationship with their outside sales representative - these guys are often very familiar with the processes their products are used for. I have heard of people using gel coat as the finishing material for plugs, but, having sanded gel coat before I would say this approach is for very small parts or folks who really like pain.
Location: San Diego, CA A V hull does produce a large wake but I think it is all about displacement.
If this is your first attempt to build a plug or mold for the first time I can tell you without any hesitation YOU WILL FAIL. Location: Milwaukee, WI I'm glad you weren't around to advise the Wright brothers. DILA SUITES MORE PICTURES,Feel like your home…Dila Suites is located in Pera section of Beyo?lu, as some people would call-it the heart of Ystanbul. Near Everywhere,Dila Suites is located in the heart of downtown Ystanbul’s Pera, Beyo?lu district.,It just 2 minutes by walking from the Ystiklal Street, which is very famous with its historical buildings, museums, mosques, churches, shopping areas, art, entertainment, night clubs, restaurants, cafes and book stores.
Mixing the traditional and the modern, the building has been restored to high standards by architects Bulent Gungor and assistant Cenk Aykut.
I added a twist by using the same image as a bump map on top of the water surface plus a few separate surfaces for different effects. The first image of the original scene I added a wave and a separate surface at the crest to give a contrasting white edge. While the boats are positioned to meet the needs of different customers, Axis owners can expect the same reliable, award-winning construction that Malibu is known for. These efforts revolve around the specific needs and desires of core riders and families alike.
One of the main reasons I like to build models so much is that it forces me to make things simpler than I tend to draw them. Roof mounted 50 cal gun turrets were first cut to only a 24" diameter (shoulder width).
This information is hard to come by and I've been scaling plastic models and photographs which I have collected over the years. It ran on the Potomic river and in fact had a failure of the bow seal which resulted in both crew members being killed.
Despite the weather, the ship repeatedly reached speeds of over 45 knots with propulsion and ride-control systems operating in full automatic mode, proving the effectiveness of the control systems and the highly efficient and stable characteristics of the trimaran hull form.
I want to build a plug for an actual production style mold(I trying to build this into a business). As the boat advance, you can expect water to follow the faired flow buttock or the streamline waterlines. Sometimes the plug might be built of foam and used as a hull but this is not really very common - usually it is too expensive to build a plug that can become a hull - plugs and hulls have a whole separate set of requirements. If on the other hand you have previous experience you might have a 50% chance of making something different or interesting.

Addition of an elevator, locked entrance door with passcode, smoke detectors, video surveillance cameras, double glazed openable windows has enabled us to meet the needs of safe and contemporary living.Thus, we take pleasure in offering you five trendy, each individually decorated appartments with the top one having an exceptionally beautiful view. Second image I photo shopped some spray and foam along the edges and on the waves in the wake. As I recall, Peter told me that if a boat can manage a state III sea it could function worldwide about 30% of the time. I plan to use a Versi-Foam system to spray the foam, unless you someone knows of a better foam for shaping, but I don't know what tools I'm going to need to shape this stuff and how I am going to coat this foam to be able to lay-up a mold on it? It is a vinyl ester gel coat that is designed to sand easily and take a smooth finish - it is specifically made for finishing plugs. The main street (Istiklal Caddesi), main squares (Tunel and Taksim), subway and tram stations are all found in two minutes walking distance. All of the flats have separate bedroom and living areas, luxury beddings, fully equipped kitchenettes, safe boxes, flat screen TVs, direct dial phones, wi-fi, air conditioning and can accommodate up to four people (Serdar-y Ekrem 59 flat,Serdar-y Ekrem 59 is a small, 5 story building situated in a trendy yet quiet street of Istanbul‘s Galata, Beyo?lu district. All of the flats have separate bedroom and living areas, luxury beddings, fully equipped kitchenettes, safe boxes, flat screen TVs, direct dial phones, wi-fi, air conditioning and can accommodate up to four people (using the sofa beds).Our staff will happily help you with reservations of restaurants, concert tickets and organisation of private city tours, boat trips etc.
No matter what I did it would "orange peel" gel is not like anything you have shot before! I have had trouble getting HVLP guns to shoot gel coat effectively but it probably depends on the setup and users experience really (I have little experience with HVLP equipment). The historical, colorful and multicultural area is surrounded with museums, mosques, churches, art galleries, bookstores, designers boutiques, jazz clubs, restaurants and coffee shops. These dimensions are based on the old Vietnam era PBR (bow gunner) patrol boat and SK5 hovercraft (roof gunners). For that reason the top deck surface area is actually reduced up higher such as not to present a big area to the water that would force the bow down while piercing thru it. This only matters in the plug as you are shooting the male side, It does not matter on the mold side.
The optimum chine crossing at the waterline is some what like forward of the forward quarter.
When you shoot the first 2-3 layers of BLACK gel-coat and get to wet sanding you can really start to see the shape of your creation.
Make sure you get plenty of build on those first few coats, you will likely need to get after it with say 120 grit then work your way down I learned that a little bit spent on sand paper will save you countless hours sanding. Just keep hosing her down with the gel then sand starting farly coarse even with surfacing agent (wax mixed into your gel-coat to help the surface cure harder so you can sand it without gumming up your paper)It will gum up a little. But it was a sight to see when the SES 100B went over the HUMP (18kts speed it would outrun its own depression in water) then it was gone.

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