Improvising and improving existing means of transport has always been the priority for humans. Zolland’s design is a mix of Corvette and the boat is extremely effective and is well thought out one. Logitta Concept Car by Dr Hussien Al Jammazi Kazunori Yamauchi has challenged automakers to design supercars for GT6 video game, but it doesn’t mean other car designers can’t join the crowd to show off their concept car. Location: Williamsburg, VA I think the steps with the curved fronts are an accident waiting to happen, especially the ones on the stern. Location: spain It could be just the perspective, but it looks like the bow is higher than the stern. Location: spain I dont know what the interior layout is but why not bring the morning sun light into the aft cabin with windows built into the stern .
Location: Zagreb, Croatia At that length (and equipped with a skeg) I would seriously consider fitting a stern thruster for maneuvering in harbour. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
I was thinking that a self-righting Centre Console, sportfishing boat would help save alot of lives.
However, I don't think it would be a useful feature on a typical 20 to 29 foot centre console fishboat. But perhaps more importantly, a self-righting boat will be of absolutely no safety benefit whatsoever unless the captain and crew have seamanship to match. They do actually make self-inflating badders that are attached to the radar arch that will self right a centre console. Why don't they make them mandatory equipment on 20-29' CC's Willallison 09-09-2009 01:22 AM Oops - my mind works faster than my fingers!

These little boats you consider, 20' to 29' center consoles, are typically outboard powered and will be not much more than something to hang on to if rolled, anyway. The Coast Guard RIBs that have those inflatable bags on the arch also have extensive modifications to the systems and the engines so that they will have at least some chance of being usable after a capsize. The thing is, I have yet to hear about a centre-console fishboat capsize that was due to a design flaw in the boat itself. As far as open boats go, I'll stick with the cruising catamaran approach to capsize: Don't flip it in the first place. Curious to see the, say, 25 footer that a guy could grab onto and pull right-side-up - let alone in the same **** that would capsize it.
This witness, later interviewed, said that, in his opinion, Nebraska kids with cool, self-righting technology are still Nebraska kids (and lucky to be alive). This has been the driving force for coming out with new ideas, be it concept cars or hybrid fuels, the motto is keep improving!
Boat builders Strand-Craft, SWEDEN who have previously made some of Bo Zolland’s previous concepts a reality, are charged with constructing the Corvette inspired boat. I agree the stairs are dangerous because even straight ones with two handrails are bad enough in a seaway.
Bottom shape at stern should be redesigned to fit actual propeller; this prop is just too small. I, personally, feel that rolling over would suck and would strive to keep upright as an alternative. Selling points aside, there is no substitute for learning, paying attention, and practicing seamanship as if your life depends on it. It was suggested to make the Centre console so voluminious that the boat were unstable in the upside down position.

Please, tho, don't make me, one day, come and instill logic into some bureaucrat goofball about this.
The Proposed power for the concept comes from a variety of engines with the maximum horsepower output of 550 hp with the estimated top speed being 70 knots. Inspired by the split rear window and svelte shape this speedboat has been created as homage, though this seems to be a cool design to zip zap zoom, it would be a tough ask for this concept to ever go into mass production. This unit has been especially designed for a luxury yacht, a […]Ronin 47 Motorcycle Project Was Based by Buell 1125 from Harley Davidson When Harley Davidson announced the elimination of Buell brand, founders of Ronin Motor Works were disappointed.
Designed by Swedish designer Bo Zolland, the concept uses many of the design features of the 1963 Corvette including even the split rear window, rounded windscreen, tapering rear roofline, and side windows, and the louvered deck hood. They have always respected Buell motorcycle philosophy that is challenging […]Futuristic Citroen Taranis Two Seater Off-Road Racer Concept To all off-road racers, this futuristic Citroen Taranis should be your dream machine. Yes fenders in lifeline stowage usually forward because nobody goes up there underway anyway.
Lifejacket locker somewhere on deck usually and probably a float off solid raft or an inflatable raft for charter use. The moment needed to start rigthetning was less than what was needed to lift myself up to breast height.

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