A large and comfortable cockpit that is separated from the cabin by a bridge-deck will accommodate four adults in comfort.
We have designed a highly efficient, trailerable boat from the base of our popular Winter Wren and offer this new version as an option to the sailor who needs to keep his cruiser at home when not out voyaging. The Winter Wren is a beautiful boat that will turn heads and capture spirits wherever she sails. Some of the most popular wall home accents includes music wall art, jazz wall art and music note art. Like other modern wall decor concepts, music wall art requires a musical character or genre to highlight. Music Wall Art to Use Home owners can purchase varieties of jazz wall art and music note art from department stores or online furniture shops. To refer the classical styles, the interior design used materials such as wooden floors, Tinos green marble in the main vestibule, wood ceiling, and Greek marble columns in the livingroom. The wall system includes various shelves and cabinets for all your needs: Tv, magazines, books, there is no limit to the object that can be placed in this capacious wall panel. There is always a way to make innovation and bring the ideas into reality.The Italian leading design company manages to set a new look of a kitchen with unique interior appearance.

The pictures below are meant to inspire the decorating of your future personal boat.You can find a variety of ideas, from bathrooms to interior stairs. Sitting at dock or mooring, the sleek lines and graceful curves attract and please the eye.
Lowell boats are known for exceptional stability and smooth handling, fuel economy and un-pounding speed. Browse our site for more than 100 years of head-turning, ocean-taming boats from the Lowell & Frost family.
When tested for Coast Guard certification, it took 6500 lbs on one washrail to list the vessel 7 degrees. Both cockpit seats are 66″ long so that on nice nights you can sleep out under the stars.
For sheltered waters, an open, water-tight cockpit with comfortable seating on each side is offered.
The Coast Guard official who performed the certification claimed that it was the most stable vessel he had ever certified in 25 years.
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She sails through 90 degree tacks to windward, and off the wind, the gaff rig provides unexcelled performance. In rough weather, batten the hatch and you have a self-bailing cockpit that still has 14″ high seat back rests. The helm is well-balanced and invites the sailor to enjoy a variety of wind and sea conditions.
Her helm is very nearly neutral and the lightest of touch is required for instant response. She will easily sail through 90 degree tacks to windward, and off the wind, the Bermuda rig provides excellent performance.

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