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Building your own boat with Wharram Designs is the easiest and nearly cost effective way to carry out your soaring dreams. El_Guero Previous Member   Traditional kayak paddles used a smaller blade, and more strokes per minute.
PS, I have a shoulder injury, and what I read about these makes them much easier on the shoulders than larger blades.
High aspect ratio is much better for long distance paddling at moderate speeds (it is also much easier to stow in the hull). Location: Mexico Wayne, yea I am planning to cross, but I will spend a few days cruising north along the coast, for a few reasons. Scott, I have a reply in the making for you, but you have given me a damn lot of food for thought and I need to go through it all! At the very least, please thoroughly test your craft and yourself in conditions that are relatively benign and then work your way up through more challenging conditions.
Make sure that your boat will float when fully loaded and completely swamped, that you can bail her out, get back in, and sail or paddle on, making it to shore, even in the roughest conditions. An outrigger might make your craft more resistant to capsize, but much slower and harder to paddle.
I?d feel a lot better if you were going to start at La Paz, sail around the bay there for a few days to get some experience and learn about and test your boat and yourself, and then sail and paddle north along the coast and islands for a few hundred miles until you could make the crossing to Isla San Lorenzo and then San Esteban Island and then Tiburon Island and then Bahia Kino on the mainland, never more than 10 miles from land. I?m afraid there is so much that you don?t know and don?t understand about what you want to do.
Location: Mexico Okay Scot I have read and absorbed your thoughts and I have a few further questions about a few things you said. Firstly about safety; I understand that what I am doing has an inherent risk to it, but I am okay with that.
Location: Arlington, WA-USA those chips are much too course, you need fine dust, like wheat flour. By the time you get to La Paz, you should have a good idea of how your boat performs, at least in the conditions you’ve experienced. The time for curing is very temperature dependent, and with the West System epoxy also dependent on which hardener. The Marsh Duck has a dagger-board, but that requires building a trunk and cutting a hole in the bottom of the boat.
Location: Mexico Okay, I am joining the panels, and I have encountered a small problem, well perhaps a large problem. I cut my top middle panel too short (although I followed the directions precisely, and the check dimensions are correct) but only by a tiny bit.
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When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Location: Mexico Okay, the fiberglass splices are well underway, I expect to be finished by tonight. Anyways, contrary to my discouraged post before, things are going quite well, all panels came out pretty much as they were supposed to..
Location: finland Are you still planning on putting a full fiberglass cloth on the outside? You want the outside fiberglass to cover the entire hull at one time, no breaks at the joints.

My suggestion again is to not coat the plywood (especially not twice) the epoxy goes thru the cloth very easily. The good thing about the dry method is that it is easy to position the cloth and get it smooth before you start epoxying. Then you use epoxy with fillers to make it smooth, so that is another layer (I assume you are painting the boat not a clear finish). Location: Mexico Okay all pieces are done, too dark to have a picture, but they are ready to sew.
Unfortunately, I had to act quickly, and I applied the reverse side of the fiberglassing on a joint which had about 1 inch of cured run-through epoxy on each side, without sanding first. And I'm guessing I need to be able to bail out water, water will find a way in I feel sure of it. Location: Twisp, WA USA You might try stitching it together to see how it all fits and how badly out of alignment . Location: Mexico Here is the hull, seen down the keel, put together with duct tape for now. How do you tackle this huge multihull sailboat cast Find diy computer desk somewhere suitable and start on to each one hull. Specialising Indiana power and sailing catamaran and yacht design with fully pre cut material kits schionning catamaran kit designs multihull legend 60 DIY for.
Woods Designs offer a range of sailing catamaran and trimaran designs summation vitamin A few powercats and close to minuscule rowboat designs for both home and professional wood catamaran.
Firstly, to reach a more sheltered part of the sea of cortez, where it is a shorter and safer crossing, and to get familiar and confident with my boat. I had my hands on the ropes for maybe 10 minutes when I was young, in a tiny sailboat on a manmade lake in almost nonexistant winds. I will take the boat for 1 or 2 test runs around Cabo, and if I feel that I cannot manage her well enough, I will not take her on the journey, at least without modification. There is a gap of about .5cm on each side, where I need to connect it to the top end panels. I don't want to wait until it hardens completely of course, but what is the best time to do that? Inside might make some sense as its harder to get to once the boat comes together but for outside early coating is not needed - let alone multiple coats. Make sure any exposed grain is well coated since that is the only place the epoxy will get sucked up a lot. I have done 4 boats this way (called the dry method) and have never had a problem with the cloth not being fully stuck. When you coat with epoxy first and then apply the cloth it will tend to stick making it hard to get on evenly. There is far more epoxy in the cloth which is what really prevents the water from getting in to the wood. However if you have different shaped parts left and right - no way the boat will be symmetrical. I put it together with duct tape to see what it looks like - will post that in the next post (still can't figure out how to attach multiple images, I don't think it works with my phone).
Essentially, the panel in question has a more pronounced arch than it should, curving up to 1.5cm above the correct position at the highest point.
My last upper panel is still drying, when it is done I can put it on to see how it all looks. Wooden Catamarans depending on the design are among the cheapest and simplest wooden boats to build especially with plywood sew together and glue technique.

I will stop in La Paz before I cross, to add any final adgustments, but I won't be able to do much. But I understand the concepts, and I am a quick learner, I think I will get the hang of it. I am an extremely strong swimmer; in fact, my original plan was to swim from Cabo to Mazatlan, but I would have no way to transport all my gear and bicycle. You may have seen earlier in the thread, I have an ama partially constructed, which I could finish and implement into my final craft if neccessary, but I will test run the canoe without it first. Just as a frame of reference - had I found your boat 4 days ago, I suspect I would have purchased the plans, and made that instead.
I did this all through the night last night, to expedite things, so I am running a little low on sleep, but it paid off, I will be done by today.
When I did the fiberglassing on one side, a certain amount of epoxy would leak out and cure on the other side of the seam, the flip side of the plank I was gluing.
Be sure to sand the outside joints smooth and round them, glass does not like to lay down over sharp corners.
I'm not sure exactly how this affects the hull - as you can see in the picture in the post below this, the hull still goes together.
I will bring some sort of communication like an EPIRB or radio, so if all goes wrong I can be a huge pain in the *** for the Mexican Navy. I think it is probable that I will want to use it, though you are right that it will slow me down significantly. Should I push them together, and take a ~1cm reduction on the total length of the board, or should I fill that with thickened epoxy, and put the fiberglass on as normal?
Also sand the edge of the tape to where there is not a ridge, same problem with the cloth laying down. I guess theres not really a specific question here, I guess I just need to start designing the inside of the boat. They are perfectly aligned in terms of length, it is just the camber, which at it's largest discrepancy, measures about 1.5cm. Building your own catamaran is another choice to getting into your ain In this page we will go over the advantages. I have a woodworking table about 10 feet in length, which is the flattest thing I have access to, but it means I can only splice a few pieces at a time.
Carrying out catamaran for the forest chalk epoxy glue composite construction for the inexpert boat builder. How long does epoxy take to cure, to a point where I can remove the weights and work on the other side?
It was only serious on one joint, and I plan to epoxy over that anyways, so is there really anything to worry about? Hitia 17 is the perfect beach catamaran but also capable for use as a micro Coastal Trekker. But i can't find any 12in pvc pipe any ideas on were i could find someiĀ»?Elena Kewke: We as a child did the same!

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