Need Electrical Help?If you’re trying to track down info about a specific boat wiring subject, please use the search box or list of categories below. I’m currently trying to wire up a new boat here in Oman (no technical expertise available) and I’m really concerned about dangerous AC currents floating around the boat whilst my family swims.
Add circuit protection at the source of power for your 24 hour emergency bilge pumps fuse panel. Our partners at EzAcDc make a great Pontoon Boat Wiring Harness that has connections for navigation lights, docking lights, boat horn, courtesy lights, livewell pump, and pontoon stern light.
Besides the wiring harness, EzAcDc also sells a clever kit to rewire your boat’s original OEM electrical panel.
My brother has a 22 year old 17′ VIP inboard motor boat with an intermittent electrical problem. While we were messing with it we quickly hit the trim switch to lower and raise the motor – immediately the navigation lights and blower started working. Later, they stopped working and again we hit the trim switch to lower and raise the motor – again the lights and blower started working. The common link between the engine trim, the blower, and the navigation lights is their ground system.

Check the connections at the blower and lights to make sure they are intact and making good contact. Well, this is a Carolina boat and it has many interesting little nuances that we have discovered.
When the second horn is connected, there is too much of a voltage drop in the horn circuit to power both horns. Gasoline Sterndrive package only - This engine is no longer in production, but there are some engines still in builder and dealer inventory. But, it might take a while as I’m in Oman and it’s a real struggle to source the various electrical components. Most people either start rewiring their boat one wire at a time or purchase a pre-fabricated harness that has wiring for all the components they require.
This is one of their best selling items because it makes this previously crappy job considerably easier.
Based on a GM Vortec V-6 truck engine, the 4.3GL is a popular power choice among builders of boats from 18' to 22' or thereabouts. Nevermind the marine grade wiring (at the local marina they have a bad habit of using domestic grade wiring).

Buy new AFI dual trumpet horn, install and rewire to old connections, push button, hear horn.
When I wired both to white and both to black, the dual horns sound for a second, then neither sounds. Not enough boaters inspect their exhaust risers regularly, and too many engines die a premature death when their risers fail and let water into the cylinders.
The builder says this arrangement removes virtually all vibration, and makes the engine quieter, too. The valve train is single-cam, with hydraulic lifters, pushrods and two valves per cylinder. Pistons have two compression rings and one scraper ring – valuable info for mechanics, but we doubt anyone chooses an engine based on the number of piston rings. Volvo V-8s comply with California's CARB 4 Star Super Ultra Low emissions standards, and meet the U.S.

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