For decades, boaters admiring the sleek profile of the 22 Classic have been left staring at its transom. While it may look refined and graceful tied to the dock, punch the throttle and this “gentleman’s speedboat” becomes a beast! Arguably the most recognizable fiberglass boat ever created, Donzi’s 16 Classic boasts a pedigree like none other. From the rakish, low-slung looks to the “tuck & roll” upholstery, Donzi has kept all the details true to the original blueprint.
For the ultimate wind-in-your hair, grin-on-your-face go-fast experience, there’s no better choice than the Donzi 22 Classic.
Don Aronow launched his first Donzi “Sweet 16” in early 1964, inspiring an industry and creating a worldwide fan base that spans generations and continues to grow. With classic lines and inimitable styling cues, with one glance everyone knows she’s a Donzi.

With its low-slung, sports car feel and up to 425 HP growling at your fingertips, you’ll be immediately tempted to put the throttles down and leave the gawkers behind.
This Donzi has had very limited ownership, and has provided me with lots of trouble-free enjoyment as I have regularly serviced it, and have never experienced any issues.
This Classic 22 is a factory-equipped boat that has always been used exclusively in freshwater lakes, and has about 300 hours of total use. With its unique combination of vintage hull design paired with ample power, today’s 16 Classic offers white-knuckle thrills and a high-speed ride like nothing else on the water! It 22 feet long, with a 7 foot beam, a fiberglass hull, and features full factory instrumentation. Since acquiring the boat, I have kept it stored at my summer home in the Big Bear Lake area of Southern California, and used it on a very limited basis. The boat is currently stored in my garage at Big Bear Lake, but I can transport it to my home in North San Diego County for easy delivery.

For the first several years of its life, the Donzi sat in dry storage during the summer and winter months at a marina located at Lake Geneva, Michigan. The owner then decided to take it to other lakes in the area, and as such purchased a top-of-the-line 2002 EZ loader all aluminum tandem trailer with full braking system that comes with the purchase. Since I purchased the boat, it has been in Southern California and I've added a breakaway system to the tongue of the trailer for garage storage purposes, and have also added a full winter storage cover that is included with the purchase. With summer upon us, don't miss your opportunity to get a great performing Donzi watercraft with limited use!

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