You set your holiday budget and worry about the add ons, no need, you can sail on board any of our vessel  and spend diddly squat.
RYA Courses - Competent Crew, Watch Leader, Day Skipper Practical and Yacht Master Preperation. Wildlife Voyages Whales, Dolphins, Walrus, Penguins, Albatros from the Arctic to Antarctic and many wildlife destinations inbetween. This 8 day summer voyage extravaganza starts in the French Naval Port of Brest during the Brest 2016 International Festival of the Sea - a huge tall ships and traditional boat gathering held every 4 years. Brest is a massive harbour and it is the sort of active festival that encourages boats to go out into the nearby Rade de Brest (huge inland sea) and sail. For those joining in Brest for the voyage back home, enjoy the atmosphere of the festival at Brest for the last evening and usually the Grande Finale Fireworks. This more intimate French Festival of the Sea is a mecca for wooden boat lovers, photographers and artists who love to soak up the scene of a sea of masts and working boats alongside wooden wharves or in the historic fishing port of Rosmeur.
Douarnenez itself has two ports: The old fishing port, on one side of the town and the river basin, Port de Rhu, with its wooden wharves and waterside bars on the other.

The French are brilliant at creating a spectacle and they encourage vessels to take part in races and sailing demonstations each day, so you will much more than a nautical tourist. At the end of the Douarnenez Festival Eve will sail North up the Biscay coast of France and up the Chanel de Four between the wild and lonely island of Ushant and the corner of France to end your voyage in Roscoff. On the way we may stop at Cameret Sur Mer, or perhaps a small fishing port off the Chanel de Four.
If you want to escape for a decent length summer sailing expedition, social sailing with all nationalities at the festival, as well as some coastal exploring away from the crowds then why not consider doing this voyage and the next  6 day North Brittany Voyage on Eve. The skipper will sail with an experienced mate who has sailed on Eve before on this voyage but we also welcome other potential watch leaders who may be interested in sailing as a mate on future French or Scilly Island Voyages.
OK when you are on some of our vessels you can buy a drink and T-shirt but that’s about it.
If Eve is not too deep inside a raft of similar vessels and can get out, you may get an evening sail in. Then take part in one of the largest flotilla of tall ships, small traditional craft and classic yachts in the world.

It is also an active festival for crews with lots of activities, races and sailing re-inactments out on the water. The medieval streets are a perfect venue for musicians and ships crew who want to step back in time to an era where fishing and trade was under sail and boats dryed out alongside stone quays. The skills you have learnt sailing Eve down to Douarnenenez will be put to good practice as Eve and numerous traditional boats with bowsprits manouvre out of harbour each day for a spot of action on the water. Cameret or L'Aberach both have excellent restaurants we have vistied before with crews -full of the charm and character. The fleet leaves Brest to sail out the famous narrow approaches with crowds on either side, then heads south down the stunning limestone coastline with the brave option of sailing between the Tais de Pois rock pinnacles.
It is those refined and meticulous carpentry skills which makes his buildings of outstanding quality.

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