Out of the box this cat commands attention with its beautiful bright white, yellow and black graphics scheme under an ultra-smooth clear coat on a hand laid fiberglass hull.
2000 watts of power is delivered by the Atomik 1100Kv brushless outrunner motor and is driven by a 120A water-cooled ESC. When you remove the hatch from a boat this size, the first thing you expect to see is a large gasoline power plant.
Since the boat is marketed to the beginner to intermediate boater, I wanted to really test out its stability. An acrylic hatch is held securely in place with eight thumb screws to provide a watertight compartment for the radio gear. The strut is fully adjustable so you can fine-tune the boat to meet your driving style and water conditions. The CNC aluminum strut assembly gives you complete adjustability of your prop pitch angle and height so you can tune your boat for optimum performance for the water conditions. I headed over to our local pond with a fully charged Venom battery pack and was ready for action. I did tweak the radio a bit to tame the turning radius and I added dual rates so my nervous hands would not oversteer the boat. I really had to work at getting the boat to become unstable and even when I finally got it up on one side of the hull; simply reducing the throttle tamed it right down.

When it comes to ease of use, simplicity and performance, it is really hard to beat an electric boat.
A pushrod connects the steering servo to the rudder and passes through a rubber boot that keeps water from entering the hull.
This 12 ounce motor can turn a 3-blade prop at over 27,000rpm pushing this boat at speeds in excess of 40mph.
The only drawback that I had with electric boating was that the hull sizes were usually smaller; in the 36-inch or less range. The fiberglass gel coat hatch is secured in place with two twist-lock spring-loaded hatch pins for easy tool-less access. The rudder features dual water pickups; one for the motor and one for the ESC to ensure everything is running cool. I punched the throttle and 2000 watts of power lifted the 13-pound boat out of the water like nothing.
The radio has many features found on high-end systems such as digital trims, dual rates and a failsafe circuit.
As soon as you feel a performance drop, it is good to get the boat back to the dock before the low-voltage cutoff jumps in and has you swimming to retrieve it. The motor is coupled to a flex shaft that runs down an aluminum stuffing tube to spin the included CNC machined 54mm 3-blade prop.

It is also important to mention that the design of the motor mount and prop drive system lends itself to be customized by the end user. Inside the hull, the laser-cut formers kept everything securely in place and the motor mount is designed for multiple brushless motor configurations. Driving the motor is an Atomik 120A water-cooled speed control with BEC (battery eliminating circuit) to power the radio system. It was amazing to see how balanced the boat was in the air as it landed perfectly in the water, just like you would see with the full-scale cats.
Whether you are a beginner or seasoned boater, you will love the performance that you get from this big cat. This boat is sure to turn heads on the water delivering electric performance in a gasoline-size hull. When you couple high-quality components with a rock-solid and stable hull, you have a boat that is going to provide you with countless hours of action on the water.

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