For RESERVATIONS OR INFORMATION on this cabin email or call Border Water Outfitters at 607-637-4296.
200 feet of river frontage on one of the best fishing holes in the No-Kill section of the West Branch. Comfy seating for 7-9 Inside Dining: The kitchen table can seat 6+ people and the table in the living room can seat an additional 4 people.
Located in Deposit, NY It is west of the Catskills, with Roscoe 30 minutes to the southeast. Also suitable for dining, there is a lower 48'' round table with 4 plush rocking lounge chairs that we call a conversation area.

The property also has a riverside picnic table, additional lawn chair seating for 6, campfire ring, drift boat launch and horseshoe pitch. There is an extra 18 cu.ft refrigerator in the mudroom adjacent to the kitchen for large gatherings.

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