For 15 years now, ClassyBoats has helped tens of thousands safely purchase and sell vehicles online. By the request of many of our repeat guests, Adventure Alaska is pleased to announce that we are offering larger boats in the form of an upgrade to our base packages. These boats usually sell out pretty fast, please give us a call or e-mail for availability or other questions. The Offshore offers unexpected amenities, the finest ride characteristics and more room to fish and relax; all skillfully brought together with signature Duckworth style.
ClassyBoats specializes not only in successfully marketing vehicles but also assisting buyers with financing, inspections, transportation, and escrow services.

These boats have a greater range than our skiffs and will expand your fishing territory, providing cover from the elements for a more comfortable fishing day. With a steep 60 degree bow entry, upswept bow and true reverse chine on a wide 8’ bottom, the Offshore features first class ride characteristics. We are a free Boat and manine classifieds website that works like craigslist but also has ebay auctions.
In close quarters the handling is superb thanks to wide visibility, easy to operate controls and the ability to turn on a dime.
The Offshore was designed with cabin flexibility in mind, offering standard cabin models and endless options for a marine head and galley configurations.

If Your a boat owner boat dealer or yacht broker its free to sign up and post as many free ads as you like with up to 20 photos and you can also put your youtube videos in the ad.

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