Houseboats are all about freedom; casting away the ties to landlocked living and casting off to new adventures on the wine-dark sea! There will always be those who feel the need for speed, even when the vehicle is their home. If the previous couple of extreme houseboats smack of conspicuous consumption, this next one from Amsterdam is just the opposite.
Also from Holland are these unusual floating hotel suites adapted from oil rig survival pods. Of course, unusual isn’t always the best thing when it comes to practical living on a budget. Continuing on that train of thought, HGTV recently featured the Railroad Houseboat shown above as one of their Extreme Homes. From first class to back-of-the bus: how to describe this VERY used houseboat snapped somewhere in the UK by an astonished tourist. Most tourists interested in renting a houseboat will prefer dealing with an established operator with a fleet of standard houseboats in a range of sizes.
From the Outback to back home – ever thought about renting a luxury houseboat in Utah? Last and most certainly not least as far as luxury living on the water is concerned, are the spectacular Villa Nackros houseboats made in Sweden by Modern Marine Homes.
This collection spans the extremes of design and brute-force ingenuity: from the obscenely luxurious to the absurdly simple.
Urban house boats are the best of both worlds, providing a private getaway with views of the water yet docked just steps from the excitement of the city. Im wanting to build a rustic home on water that is also practical ,has anybody seen any great ideas or suggestions. If you want to create something rustic and then make it into a house-boat there is no better place than Mexico.
It was supposed to be their dream home, but three years after Chris Miller and his wife called in a TV show to rejuvenate their houseboat it has been found apparently washed up on a beach.
Southend since it featured in a Grand Designs' programme in March 2007.It is thought that the boat broke free from its mooring overnight. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The story of the Luxe Motor MS Watergeus, the Groningse snik Hornblower and how to convert a Dutch barge into a houseboat. Living Afloat gives you free ideas on what you need to know about barges, how to buy them, how to convert them, etc..
Like the name mentions, an Amsterdammer is a motor tug suited for the low bridges in Amsterdam. Modern Kempenaars have, besides their dimensions, no commons with the older generation of (motorized) Kempenaars. The back accommodation caused the ship to have a higher back (pavilioen) then a front She was more square then nicely curved. These days, pavilioentjalken are, just like the other tjalken, mainly used as a house bat or for sailing competitions. We are not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained within the site.
At 62ft 3in, she is an ideal pied-a-tere, holiday retreat or weekend escape, fully equipped for living and travelling in comfort.
While she was well looked after by a careful owner, we have completed, and are doing, work to bring her up to scratch for resale.

REDTHORN 60ft x 12ft Dutch Barge - £137,950REDTHORN was built in 2002 by respected boatbuilder DB Marine to the highest standards with no expense spared and has been lovingly maintained by its current owner. Redthorn would make the ideal livaboard for the life on the water both here and the continent. Borah is equipped with everything needed for a comfortable life afloat in the UK or on the extensive European waterways. Beautiful Barge in Limehouse Marina - £185,000A wide beam barge with large lounge, kitchen ,diner open plan. This boat is full of character and charm; it has been a wonderful family home for many years.
House Styles: What kind of house are you?September 19, 2012 • 4 CommentsWhat kind of house are you? I’ve written about different houses and been wondering what kind of homes are the favorites.
This Bungalow shown on my post Bungalow O Bungalow is a beauty to behold for its deep, rich, red exterior color and craftsmanship.
Yet life afloat often demands more lavish lodgings than a waterborne Winnebago can provide. A radical houseboat design could be extremely futuristic, extremely innovative, even extremely ugly – whatever floats your boat.
Once owned by eccentric aviator extraordinaire Howard Hughes, this unique houseboat was crafted from a 1930s vintage Boeing 307 Stratoliner, the civilian version of the B-17 Flying Fortress.
Visitors to The Hague are encouraged to try an undoubtedly unique houseboat experience, “available by prior agreement for special occasions only.” One wonders how any occasion spent inside one of these UFO-esque survival pods could be anything BUT special. DIY types who feel the urge for houseboating can procure houseboat plans online, often for under $100, from companies like LiteBoats. Among the more than 500 houseboats of various shapes, sizes and styles clustered off the coast of Sausalito CA, the Railroad Houseboat really goes off the rails design-wise. Yes, Utah, home of the Great Salt Lake and formerly Deseret of the original Mormon pioneers. Based on tried and tested cargo barges, Dutch houseboats are incredibly stable; this might be due to their heavy concrete hulls.
Available in two sizes (large and larger), these exclusive water villas are designed to be virtually maintenance free and are constructed to the highest environmental standards. My dad is about to buy one because he loves going fishing and a boat like this would be really useful when he goes to place where he has to stay for more then 1 day. The idea had been to use recycled materials to convert the former Thames lighter into a comfortable self-sustaining home complete with its own windmill. But it was far from plain sailing, with presenter Kevin McCloud even calling it 'more of a floating Scrapheap Challenge' than a comfortable houseboat. They were assembled in Dordrecht at shipyard De Biesbosh or in France in Cherbourg, Le Havre or Strasbourg. Important for these boats is the width, the same as the French canals it is mostly sailing on.
The boat has a recent hull survey and needs no essential work, It is a beautiful, unique and much loved boat.
The rustic & rugged “Redneck Houseboat” above falls into the latter category as do many a generic houseboat.
These days it cruises at a much more sedate pace (and lower altitude) and is available for charter houseboat rental. A trio of gas turbine engines propel this amazing, 118-foot long superyacht to 60 knots faster than you can say “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto”.

The 16-foot and 18-foot houseboats depicted above are a good starting point for those who want to dip their toes into the houseboating lifestyle. The owners of the 2,000-square-foot home managed to transform a 19th century Pullman car into a floating wonder while carefully preserving and re-working as much of the original accoutrements as possible. The sleek, stylish ships offered by Unforgettable have a starship-like look to them that contrasts with their intended use – sedately cruising down the placid Murray River. For a mere $2.5 million or so, the one-of-a-kind houseboat featured in the movie Sleepless in Seattle could be some lucky bidder’s new home on the waves.
Most times it’s preferred that a houseboat doesn’t sink but in this case an exception can be made.
Then the A?80,000 project ran into cash problems and they were eventually forced to moor the houseboat in the estuary and abandon plans to live on it. There were two dimensions, a ship of 720 tons, length of 63,31 meters and a ship of 900 tons, length 73,50 meters. The Netherlands also produced spitsen, when there was no other work available on the yards. Originally sized steilstevens can easily be found, most of them converted into house boats or motor yachts. Presently situated on the K & A Canal in Wiltshire with access to London or Bristol available. From floating shacks to super-speed houseboats here are fifteen more incredible house boats and house boat designs.
By contrast, the focus here will be on interesting and unusual houseboats for rent, for sale and for houseboat vacations. Six guests and six crew get to enjoy life at speed at sea, surrounded by beautiful teakwood, titanium and carbon fiber fittings. These splendid houseboats of wicker, bamboo and rattan allow a leisurely view of southern India’s splendor with all the perks of subcontinental royalty.
The gorgeous 70-foot houseboat pictured above is one of many, ranging from 44 to 75 feet in length, available for houseboat rental at Utah vacation destinations such as Lake Powell. This scene of cinematic sparks between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan features 4 bedrooms and classic 1990s decor on a 2,720 square foot log float. Over the last three years it has become almost derelict and vandalised.Mr Miller told the Telegraph today that he had abandoned the rejuvenation project some time ago but added that he had considered revisiting it this spring.
When finished reading, I don't expect you to recognize what boat it is, but rather to have an idea on what a Dutch barge should look like.
The first Kempenaars were built without engine, but just as spitsen, they were quickly motorized. Most of them were, because of their good quality, lengthened after the war (just like the Watergeus).
Therefore many Luxe Motors are being converted and shortened to the dimensions they were built.
The back of a steilsteven was up going, having the wheelhouse in most of the models completely at the back. Imagine visiting Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, as well as amazing Monument Valley, just minutes from your luxurious rental houseboat. A tugboat was later arranged for the boat to be returned to its moorings from just down the coast at nearby Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

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