Marine engine installation and repair are part of the curriculum at The Boat School in Eastport, Maine. Last spring, Husson University decided to halt classes at The Boat School in Eastport, Maine, as of graduation day 2012.
Husson's decision was not received well by a lot of us at The Boat School, and it put in to motion a plan to keep the Boat School alive by a handful of alumni, industry members, and The Friends of the Boat School.
As of December 1, 2011, The Friends of The Boat School became the owners of the property and have permission from the state to start classes in September. All those involved with the school know what a wonderful asset The Friends of The Boat School is, and it is because of this not-for-profit, volunteer-only organization that the new school will exist. Maine's Marine Technology Center, 16 Deep Cove Road, Eastport, ME 04631 or call 207-853-0990. For information about recruitment and for a presentation at a school or business, please contact Bob Turcotte, Turcotte Yacht Design, LLC, 12 Hagar Drive, Topsham, ME 04086 or call 207-729-7486. USHarbors delivers free, printable tide charts, onshore and marine forecasts, buoy data, weather radar, a steady stream of local knowledge, and a directory of coastal businesses. This example of the work of Boat School students was at the Boat Builders Show in Portland.
The Boat School at the Washington County Community College exhibited some of their students work at the Boatbuilders show in Portland on March 2-4.
In order to keep that sector here, the state needs skilled boatbuilders and engineers, which means a funded training facility.
As the only boat building school east of Rockland, the Boat School plays a significant roll in providing the practical education that leads directly to employment in the communities where many of the students live. However, boatbuilding has changed for the most part since the shift to fiberglass building.
Considered an affordable program, the Marine Technology Center is part of the Washington County Community College, which is part of the Maine State University system.
We are accepting students in wooden boatbuilding, composite boatbuilding and marine mechanics for 2014 (individual courses will be held during  2013).

All our courses are taught in one of the finest waterfront facilities for education in the United States, Maine’s Marine Technology Center.
Most importantly you will be taking the same quality courses and learning from the best instructors with an industry driven curriculum. This is a bold new step that will insure the continuation of the oldest boat-building program in the USA. As a result of this decision, the school did not take on a freshman class for the upcoming fall semester. Training at the school ranges from wood construction through composites and electrical systems. Maine has a 300 year long history of boat building and anyone who knows anything about Maine’s coastal economy today knows it is still a vibrant sector of that economy.
Providing employees for the industry and likewise keeping the opportunities here for the young people of Maine. The skill, information, experience and equipment for fiberglass boatbuilding has passed into the hands of fewer people than once built in wood.
The college is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is approved for financial aid, including grants, scholarships, loans, and work study.Certificates, diplomas and degrees are offered.
This is an exciting evolution and transformation culminating in the best of educational opportunities. A 60-ton travelift, cutting edge technologies in tidal power, a working waterfront and boats will surround you.
Please do not hesitate to call us directly at the school, as we have always been concerned first and foremost with your education and entrance into the marine trades.
It is felt that at this is time; the school needs to be its own entity and to serve industry not academia. Recruitment is now underway, so you will see us at some of the upcoming boat shows here and out of state as well as the technical high schools.
To join the Friends of The Boat School, contact Tom or Jean Ries at 207-853-4709 or email them by clicking here.

The Marine Technology Center is a working boatyard where wood hand tools and computers are featured. Since 1969, hundreds of professionals currently involved in the marine trades started in our program. These programs have and will continue to include courses in marine systems, marine joinery, wooden boat construction, composite construction, marine wiring, marine engine installation, rigging, boat repair and restoration, marine drive selection and hull survey and principles of small craft design. You will not only learn about boats and boatbuilding, you will experience beautiful Passamaquoddy and Coobscook Bays. Continuing education courses will also be offered from our current course list, industry driven training short term training and recreational adventures. As we all know none of us are getting any younger and we need new blood to carry on the boat building tradition here in Maine. The history of the school is that it produces professional technicians for the marine businesses here in Maine and elsewhere, so it only makes sense to have it be for the industry.
The tuition has been kept affordable and we are looking forward to classes in September of this year.
Its been said that for Maine to not have a boat building school today, would be like Nebraska closing its agricultural college. Composite and fiberglass construction builds on what is mastered in wood construction, which ranges from mold preparation to resin types and construction techniques. For the past five years we have offered the American Composite Manufacturing Association’s CCT (certified composites technician) training and exam and continues to be best marine based program in New England. Graduates have found successful careers in design, composite boat construction, classic wooden boat restoration, boat building publication, boatyard management, small craft construction, marine surveying, systems installation, cold molded construction as well as custom boat building.

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