For Dealer assistance, please contact Duffy Electric Boats to locate your closest Duffy Dealer. I would like more information about your 2015 Princecraft Brio 15 Electric for sale on BoatBuys. Lifestyle Integrated has proudly been supporting the recreational marine and power sports industry for more than 25 years on television, print and web. Used boat & watercraft consignment sales in Galax, Independence, Hillsville, Fries, Mount Airy NC, and surrounding area. We always have an assortment of good quality used boats with trailers on hand for sale and we also handle a few watercraft consignments.

We are available to support customer needs in theMid-Atlantic region Whatever you need for your electric powered boat(no gas boats), we can provide.
In this era of sustainable thinking, Princecraft has once again demonstrated its commitment to protecting the environment by creating an electric pontoon boat equipped with a German-designed, state-of-the-art motor. They could be more accurately called “Peddle Pontoons” because of their stable and roomy deck and upholstered seating.
As a licensed Virginia watercraft dealer, Chestnut Creek Trading will provide all of the temporary paperwork necessary for the titling and registration of any boat purchased from us.For the best deal in town on your recreational watercraft, stop by or call and talk to Sam today! So a Brio can go just about anywhere, even where gas motors are prohibited, but doesn't compromise on space or power.

They are totally self-draining and will not “pocket” water as plastic paddle boats often do. Plus we've made it lighter for easier handling.DisclaimerThis boat model may or may not be in-stock.

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