All new for 2010, the Sun Catcher 168 FC Electric Pontoon Boat 2010 goes where bigger boats cana€™t. With nearly 50 square feet of carpeted deck area, there is room enough for sun tanning, diving or fishing. These electric pontoons have a lengthy run-time with the security of switching to the primary battery to the secondary back-up battery. No manual pedaling is required for these electric pedal boats, just use the foot controller or remote to start the motor. Many materials and components utilized in our production process are produced by companies other than Kennedy Pontoons, Inc.
These small pontoon boats travels effortlessly through the water with either a small gas outboard motor or a clamp-on electric motor. The Outboard Mini Toon can be purchased with or without a motor if you wish to install your own choice of power. Torqeedo, the world’s leader in electric outboards for commercial and recreational boaters is taking the mid-size outboard market by storm with its new Cruise 10.0. This groundbreaking new motor, the equivalent of a 20-horsepower motor is proving to be a popular option for smaller boats, able to achieve speeds of 28-mph. The Cruise 10.0 follows in the footsteps of the company’s industry-leading and award-winning 5- and 8-hp equivalent Cruise motors that were redesigned in 2015. Broker Bryan Pickens describes why investing in Texas offers substantial benefits from a variety of standpoints, including taxation and regulation. Michael Howard is a musician; he has been in the business for over thirty years and he’s that incredible conundrum you want to figure out.

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The power bimini is now a standard option on brand new boats and is Now available for purchase for any aftermarket pontoon boat. Perfect for lakes and reservoirs, the 168 FC Electric is an environmentally friendly watercraft, thanks to its electric engine. The motor can be controlled by the hand-held cordless remote controller or the corded foot controller. Upon returning to the dock, simply switch off the battery power and plug in the on-board, high out-output charging system to automatically recharge the batteries.
A carpeted deck of nearly 50 square feet provides ample room for fishing, sun tanning or swimming. With tiller steering at your fingertips the boat is extremely maneuverable and can easily be turned around within its own length.
These small pontoons can be pre-packaged from the manufacture with gas or electric options.
Each includes a rugged aluminum lower unit, full waterproofing to IP67 and corrosion protection. Helm Master brings the advantages of digital technology to every facet of operation, from easy maneuvering in the marina to cruising with command on the water. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
This Sun Catcher pontoon boat offer the ultimate in family fun, as it comes with plenty of seating, and fishing and lounging features.

Gas power choices include 2HP or 3.5 HP four-stroke gas outboards by Tohatsu America Corporation. The Cruise 10.0 specifically targets the mid-size pontoon market — particularly in areas where the use of combustion propulsion is prohibited. All three also include all of the high-tech features series is known for, like a full display showing battery status, GPS-calculated range and speed, and up-to-the-minute data regarding remaining runtime. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Electric power choices include 30-pound or 40-pound thrust electric outboards from Minn Kota Motor Corporation. The Cruise 10.0 brushless DC motor and carefully optimized propeller provide up to 12 kW at peak input and 10 kW continuous power. The 48V outboard delivers impressive performance while maintaining the simple handling and installation of a low-voltage system. It comes standard with an integrated electric tilt, easily mounts to the vessel’s remote steering and is available in three shaft lengths.

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