We do all phases of fiberglass repair, from minor boat repairs to major accident and collision repairs. No matter how big or small your fiberglass damage is, Van Wagoner Boats can and would be happy to repair or restore it. We use only high-quality materials including kevlar, carbon fiber, and composite core materials. Bring your boat or custom part idea in today for a free on-site fiberglass repair estimate!
Miami Fiberglass Work - Boat & Gelcoat Repair, Custom Fiberglass Projects, Gelcoat Painting, Sanding. We specialize in custom fiberglass work, gelcoat repair and painting, other damages to the surface like blisters.
Our expertise in fiberglass has a wide field techniques, that are used to produce high quality results, that will last and endure the test of time.
The Internet is an astonishing and incredible modern creation and there's no reason why boaters, sailors and yachtsmen shouldn't take advantage of the buying opportunities on hand inside the "Worlds largest marketplace." This series is about buying and selling boats on the internet. For those that own a boat, it's inevitable that boat repair will need to be done at some point. Every boat repair you make insures you and your friends on board of a safe, joyful boat ride. More recreational boats today are constructed of fibreglass and the care and maintenance of the fiberglass is the biggest factor in maintaining the value of the boat. With the proper equipment and cleaning products, you can save time while maintaining your boat's beauty and protecting it from the harsh marine elements. Let me share a few tricks and tips to fix a boat with you, whether it's a small hole or crack, or larger scale damage.

Is today’s unstable economy making you hesitate on trading in your old beat-up boat in for a brand new model? We can completely rewire your boat to conveniently install electronics anywhere you need them. We can restore your boats blistered bottom to new condition which will prolong the life of your boat. Whether your idea calls for a unique shape or just a custom fiberglass part, we can build it to fit perfectly in your boat—no matter how large or small.
We have excellent references available on request, and can provide of a lot of different professional services that are available in the fiberglass industry.
The purpose is to help someone with limited inflatable boat knowledge choose the correct boat for them. If you keep up on regular boat repair and maintenance, then your boat should last a long time. Without a boat repair being made when its truly needed, you will put everyone's safety at risk and damage your boats motor and possibly frame. You can also decrease the time and effort of cleaning your boat by cleaning it routinely and by using boat covers when it is not in use. Van Wagoner Boats can remove all those old, pitted, and rusted parts and install nice, new, shiny parts. Let us install that stereo you have always wanted complete with remote control and upgraded speakers. We can properly apply new inti-fouling bottom paint for your in-water boat allowing you to keep the marine growth to a minimum. We also specialize in the design and manufacture of customized and durable marine dash panels ranging from basic to more elaborate designs.

We offers boat repairs & maintenance services for all models and makes of boats and engines. Updating your motor and other areas of your boat during an annual boat repair is another sure way to avoid any incidences from occurring. We can completely restore your boat's interior with newly recovered seats, new carpeting, new wall coverings, and new or restored windows.
We can remove old windows, fill in the existing cutout, and install modern windows if that is your desire. We are very experienced in the field of Fiberglass and Polyester, have a lot of know-how, and specialized equipment to handle any task, with high quality results. We are a family-owned business that provides convenient boat repairs & maintenance services in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. We specialize in developing and manufacturing of customized, highly durable marine dash panels, offering a large spectrum of both basic and sophisticated designs. Your mind will than start slowly beginning to ease as all the repairs will be made and each outing you go on will become more and more comfortable, allowing you more mental freedom with your boat than you have ever had before. When it comes to boat repair, if you do have electrical problems, you have to clean them out. Some of you might 100% agree with this, but regular boat repair and maintenance does include proper cleanings.

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