Needing boat repair ( body repair, motor, etc ), yearly maintenance ( bottom jobs, oil changes ), cleaning, or lifts for survey we're here to help. Professional marine varnisher since 1990, experienced with spar varnish, linear polyurethanes, as well as Cetol.
My name is Matt Peterson and I have been around boats most of my life, as a commercial fisherman working for my father, a sailboat and powerboat owner and as a member of the maintenance team at the Olympic Circle Sailing Club (now OCSC Sailing) in Berkeley, CA. All of my work is guaranteed or I will redo for FREE--- if within 24 hours you are not satisfied with my services!
Blue Magic Marine Detailing offers all the services you need to get your boat looking great.
Give us a call at Compass Fiberglass and Gelcoat for all your cosmetic and structural boat needs. Call me then, I can make your jet ski or boat look brand new and add value to your water craft.
Our mission at A-Z Marine Solutions is to provide marine cleaning services in a environmentally sound and professional manner. I REPAIR ALL TYPES OF FIBERGLASS DAMAGE, SOFT DECKS, BULKHEAD, STRINGERS AND ANYTHING BETWEEN. I use a Gopro Hero 3 camera and provide all clients the option of a before and after video to ensure satisfaction and quality control. This is the season to get your boats out in the water and have a great summer with friends and family or just your self! Call Alumatech marine for your custom Bait tanks, Tuna towers, Jim poles, out rigger mounts, hauling gear, Tuna tubes, Ice keepers. Compound and wax,bottom painting,brightwork,barrier coating,boot stripe painting and much more. We also perform hull inspection, object retrieval, and light salvage for the southeast Louisiana region. Founded in 1993, Marine Custom Paint is locally owned and operated and has been proudly serving the St. Whether you are a novice or expert we have the products that make shrink wrapping a profitable business. As a certified commercial diver I have cleaned all sizes and types of vessels with the utmost care and efficiency. Great deals on bottom jobs with interlux high quality antifouling ablative paint for only 29.50 a foot all MATERIALS INCLUDED. I DO GELCOATS AND MARINE TEX, CALL IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS REGARDING FIBERGLASS REPAIRS AND I WOULD BE HAPPY TO HELP. Whether you’re a start-up business or do-it-yourselfer, our “How-To” videos take all the guesswork out of shrink wrapping.

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