Location: Melbourne, Australia Boat repair hey guys, I'm pretty new to the forum but we've been in the boat repair industry for years now. Location: Brisbane Repair work I do not see that repair as being particularly difficult at all.
Location: maine i wish ALL jobs were as easy as this one.i'm trying to fig how you can be a boat repair biz, but ya first thought was to buy a hull?
Location: Ohio TO ALL , The man is asking for help,is there structeral damage to ribs and stringers?or other super structer,,obviously so or the deck would not need repair ,,more pics please,,this is not a simple glass job ,,,,what year is this boat? I'm pretty sure they would have given A-white something close to a walk-through on the repair of such a thing, had it been a numb-nut like me (i.e. Location: maine if his post is true he dont need our help,,,,,thats what is trying to be said.
Location: Denmark Hmm, sounds more like a parts-pusher to me, SamSam, but then again, I am no tradesman, nor a repairer. Hell, this I'd even be willing to try myself, as the crack isn't in some weird place, where mathematical skills were involved.
Check for delamination, remove any and all delamination, repair or replace stingers, and add fibre glass and epoxy as per the Gougeon Brothers' bible.
Perhaps that would be a stupid approach, but as an educated *******, that is the first approach I'd make.
Then, after researching, I'd ask questions after I had outlined my approach to the guys on these boards. Location: maine well heres his web page,,,,,,you allz tell me who's right??? Originally Posted by the1much well heres his web page,,,,,,you allz tell me who's right???
Btw, if you reported them, you ought to make sure you have a copy of their website saved to your harddisk. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Fiberglass and gelcoat experts at Yankee Marina & Boatyard are factory trained and have the experience and talent to fabricate new parts or repair damaged areas on your boat.
We left our 2006 Holiday Rambler Imperial at Hancock RV Repair in June (2015) to have some remodeling done with a pick up date of July 10th. When we picked it up, pride of workmanship was evident and Woody was quick to give Adam his foreman the credit for getting most of the work done. Boat Repair Services include Fiberglass and Gelcoat repair including color matching as well as non-skid, metal flake, Imron or Awlgrip painting.
If you would like to request a quote for repair of your boat, please use the quick contact form on the right side of this page, contact form,--> or call us at (954) 520-5754.

Location: TN Fiberglass Crack repair I searched the forum and saw that there were already several other similar threads, however I wanted to post pictures of the crack to give a better idea of what exactly I'm trying to repair. Location: TN I don't think there would be any way to clamp it, its about 5-6 inches long running parallel to one the trailer bunks. Now you should have a big gash, where the old one was, the area around it feathered out in a taper to the existing gelcoat, a few inches away. When the first round of reinforcement is glued on, grind it down a bit then apply a filler, so you have something to smooth out.
Location: Eustis, FL You could stop grinding just before you go over the rounded bottom edge of the strake.
We recently had a job come in to repair a Whittley Sea Legend 5.0 (Australian Manufacturer) the damage is pretty major and we considered purchasing a new hull for the craft, but had no luck in getting hold of one. Although if I owned Whittley I'd be reluctant to supply hull moldings to a guy looking to buy molds! If one have been in the repair business for years, he ought to know a thing or two about boat repair. Very few operations specialize, but are forced to do a variety of repairs, mechanical, electrical etc..
Our on-staff, skilled professionals can rebuild your boat to its original strength and cosmetic appearance.
To say the least we are very pleased and would not hesitate to recommend Hancock RV Repair to all of our friends. We work on all marine vessels including Jetskis, SeaDoo, Waverunner, Aquatrax, Polaris, Jet Boats and Sport Boats. I can't tell how deep it is I just know that it leaks probably around a few gallons an hour.
Since access from the inside is likely difficult, you'll need to do it from below the boat. Continue with the surface finishing, until you've go it where you want it, then prep for gelcoat or paint. There are lots of previous threads to cover these types of repairs as well as many online videos, books, etc. You were correct that its near a lift strake, would you still grind 3 inches even though that will take me over the edge of the lift strake?
I was just fishing for ideas on how some of you guy's would go about repairing the hull and deck, strength-wise and appearence. Yankee Marina & Boatyard provides complete blister and bottom relamination services, infused hull repair services, complete core replacements as well as offering free consulting and moisture tests on fiberglass surfaces. Not only was Woody quick getting our quote and responding to all our questions but his price was very reasonable as well.

We have vast experience in repariring or rebuilding of transoms, stringers, floors, decks, consoles, bait wells, etc. The portions of laminate need to be replaced, so you'll need some CSM and some cloth if using polyester or just some cloth if epoxy. It's a three step process - first is to grind back to good laminate, removing gelcoat and cleaning out the damage. And also you said generally you sand half way through the laminate layer, any idea about how deep the laminate layer would be on a 16 ft tri-hull?
Since you can only get at one side of the damage (my assumption), you'll need to offer a good bit of reinforcement to the cracked laminate. If the job is such a simple one, not particularly difficult, easy, answer his question and quit the insults. We had a residential fridge, MCD shades, wood flooring, new carpet under the slides and surrounding bed and new awning toppers installed.
Next continue grinding the laminate, until it's at least half as thick as it was previously, tapering away from the crack as you go. Wet out the whole area with whichever resin you choose and apply enough fabric, to fill the depression you've ground into the hull. Second is the application of replacement materials (cloth, CSM, goo, etc.) and lastly is the surface finishing aspects of the job, which has you fair the surface then finish it.
You can grind down a little, slap on some CSM and hope to get lucky, but usually you just have to come back and do it again (it reappears).
When the fridge was back-ordered Woody went out of his way to get it picked up and installed on time. This will provide a place for the replacement fabrics to live, without standing proud of the surface. Stop when you're just shy of the surface, so there's a place for surface fillers, to smooth things out. If this is the result of the inexperienced asking the experienced, an imbecile can figure out why skilled tradesmen are becoming fewer. Lastly on the prep, grind out the crack, making it bigger, but more importantly clean and well toothed to receive repair materials. The easy way to find out is drill a small hole through the crack and using a hooked wire, get an idea of the laminate thickness.

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