If you want a top notch Center Console you must take a look at the well-built Grady White boat.
Pictured here is the 2012 Grady White 306 Center Console that measures 30’ 6” down the center and needs a permit to trailer 10’ 7” at its widest point.
Award winning Grady White boats make this 306 model pictured and other center console fishing boats.
Center Console With Seat 35 Inch High (CC08) Our high quality console is constructed of solid fiberglass with a high gloss gelcoat finish.

These were 17 foot mahogany plywood planked clinker built outboard wood boats ideal for catching fish. Clinker Built means that each plank bottom edge stands out from the one below it such that it give a small lift to the boat while it throws spray down and away from the cockpit.
There is a plywood sandwich in the area where the steering wheel and throttle control are to be mounted. Glen Grady, a boat builder from Wisconsin, and White, from a farming family in North Carolina, had joined forces to start G-W Boats, Inc.

Then, he became a champion sales success leader for the company and then later he bought the original partners out, when they wanted to retire. These were boats that were similar to what Glen had built while working for other boat builders back where he had called home.

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