Fiberglass Inground Pools and Fiberglass Swimming Pool Prices For A Classic Pool and Spa Look and Feel. For years inground fiberglass pool owners have cheered about the smooth finish and the decrease in their chemical use as compared to concrete pools. Obviously there are many options so giving you a concrete answer for fiberglass pool installation is not possible, but, you could expect to pay around $20,000 - $30,000 for a basic model and options.
Gel Coat Problems & Cracks In A Fiberglass Pool I was looking through your website and was hoping you could help me. Gelcoat Replacement For Fiberglass Pool Repair Not rated yetIs there a product that can cover gel coat areas of a fiberglass pool that are gone without draining the pool, such as adhesive sheets? Tiles Coming Out Of Bottom Of Fiberglass Pool Not rated yetHome was empty for two years when we bought it. Fiberglass Swimming Pool Sizes Should I buy One Not rated yetI have a 36' x 18'rectangle pool with an additional 12' x 10' stair case making it an L shape.
Purchasing A Pool Not rated yetReading the questions from others about there fiberglass pool kind of scares me. How To Remove Oils and Lotions From The PoolI have a salt pool and because of sun creams the pool gets a film on it. If your looking to get your Stock, Rod, Nostalgia Gasser or "Whatever It May Be" project on the road in record time?? Since a shower base is the “foundation” of a shower enclosure making the right choice is critical (if you select a base that cracks or leaks down the road the costs can be significant because it may require replacing the entire stall or it  might have damage the floor below the base). Stays warm – Acrylic stays warm to the touch so you don’t have the shock of your feet touching a cold material when you enter the shower.

Waterproof – acrylic is non-porous so you don’t have to be concerned about waterproofing the base – because it’s already waterproofed! Bench seats can be integral to the unit – one of the challenges with tile showers is how to make sure a bench or corner seat is installed properly.
More cost effective than a tile, marble, or solid surface shower base – Since these units are manufactured in larger quantities they will usually cost less than custom tile showers or solid surface units. Light & easy to work with – Most of these bases are set into a mortared base and are much lighter than marble or solid surface pans so they are easier to maneuver around a small bathroom. Cannot create custom sizes – since these units are made in standard sizes if you need a custom size acrylic will not be the option for you. Drain location cannot be varied – in remodeling projects it can be helpful (and save on plumbing costs) to use the old drain location. More expensive than fiberglass – if you’re looking for the cheapest shower base – fiberglass will be a better choice than acrylic. Not generally associated with high end projects – most high end luxury homes will choose tile, stone or solid surface showers vs. Shower base with a bench seat – If you’re looking to increase safety or are just looking for a place to sit down to shave your legs adding a bench or corner seat can be the answer. 60 x 30 base to convert a bath to a shower – With the trend for people to want to remain in their homes longer tubs are increasingly being removed in favor of showers. Unit for both clear glass enclosures or glass block shower walls – Acrylic bases are not just for standard clear glass stalls – there are acrylic bases in 60 x 34 size (for a bath to shower conversion) and a two wall 72 x 51 size using glass blocks (which are easy to clean and have a contemporary look). Unique shaped bases – You’re no longer limited to square, rectangular, round and neo angle bases.

No barrier bases – if stepping over a shower curb is a problem choose a barrier free base to make the space safer for everyone to use. What questions or experiences do you have with different shapes, styles and shower base systems? If you’re looking for more information or an estimate on remodeling a bathroom or nationwide supply of our unique Fleurco shaped shower bases contact The Bath Doctor in Cleveland (216-531-6085), Columbus (614-252-7294), nationwide (877-668-5888) or Cleveland Design & Remodeling (216-658-1270).
President of Innovate Building Solutions a nationwide supplier and regional (Cleveland and Columbus) remodeling contractors. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Although no one type of base is universally “the best” (each type has their own pros and cons) acrylic shower pans are near the top of the list in popularity. With an acrylic base this worry does not exist because the seat can be made as part of the unit.
Since drain locations are pre-set with an acrylic base you may have to move your existing plumbing.
Acrylic bases in a 60 x 30 and 60 x 32 rectangular sizes are the most popular size for this type of project. Cool designs from companies like Fleurco come in shapes called “Slice, Roman Half Curved and Bowfront” to create unique looks at affordable prices.

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