Location: Lakeland Fl USA Stodgy old dude that I am, I never understood why a pontoon boat needs to go fast.
Value in the mind of the customer is how much it costs him to cruise to where he wants to go. I have always thought that there was a market for a better, more efficient pontoon boat, and if you can produce your hull for somewhere near the price of the aluminum tube ones, you should be able to sell it. Location: Ontario Not sure about Florida, but there's definitely a market for a faster pontoon boat up in Ontario cottage country. Location: fl Thanks Matt Our boat will handle 1-3' pretty well,one of our good customers just took his boat from Sarasota to key west,he ran the coast to naples and refueled and shoot across fl bay,it was a 32X 10 tritoon with a 225 merc,he said he cruised at 32 mph,said he was out to the light house every day diving ,he's planning another trip to key west with a trip from key west to fort jefferson in tortougas!

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I have spent many a day fishing off this boat great buy for someone who loves fishing and family fun!
If you still have the boat, if everything works, and if the engine will pass an inspection, I will take it. I sent you a private message with my home phone number to schedule a convenient time to see the boat. These boats are Stable, Fast and have loads of deck space for family and friends.We also build custom aluminum leaning posts, T-tops, railings and Towers.

It is pleasing to learn that you are building these boats with a design concept different from the woefully inefficient round aluminum tubes.
Carolina Skiff has created a 21 foot pontoon boat made out of our favorite salt-resistant material, fiberglass.
The seating is typical for a pontoon, with a pair of facing lounges forward and a wrap-around aft lounge in the port corner.Since the deck is cut away so the stowage compartment under each seat goes down into the hull, the space is so generous that reviewer Charles Plueddeman was able to climb into one.

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