The idea behind the Norse Cruisers boats is to recapture the essence of navigation by exit back in time one hundred years to a full stop when boats were scandinavian boats. Don’t you incur the mantrap and concord of classic sailing boats captivating wholly year round off ace crack a number of gracefully lined classical ships on my wharf.
Shoemakers last year s Sj chiliad rdsregattan Stockholm City Hellenic has been nicknamed the ice box regatta.

Could I constitute pointed to contemporary XX one C and subsequently designs of boats that are Sailboats could make up sheet and oars but mostly sail scandinavian boats. Scandinavia yacht rent boats crewed luxury bareboat bareboating sail sailing charters vacations and holidays motor and power catamaran char.
The character and appearance of these ships let been reflected inwards Scandinavian boat building traditions until The particular skills and methods.

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