MARINEX GROUP DESIGN, Boat Designer and Consultancy in Malaysia offers design services for aluminum boats, steel boats, and fiberglass boats.
Marine Design included design consultation, custom designs and alterations, boat plans, re-powering consultancy and project management supervision. Location: New Orleans Tad-That is a great looking design, everything looks easy to work and strong. The heel angle would not be a concern, as the only fishing the boat would do under sail would be trolling, and in any heavy fishing would go to engine power. Tad, I havent heard you comment on the water-ballasted designs such as the Dix ones, and I'm curious about your opinion on those. Location: spain When I was kid I worked on inshore bottom fish longliners. From the video It looks to me like two important deck design details for a longliner are midships deck space and hip high bulwarks.

Originally Posted by michael pierzga It would be educational to physically investigate the Kite Sail rig.
Location: Northland , New Zealand Commercial fishing sail assisted vessels Ahhhh! When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. We also provide all the information required for the boat builder to complete the builders (CNC Cutting) plate.
He can now consider if he is willing to pay for the carrying capacity and performance of this size of vessel, which probably meets his original requirements very well, or pay less and accept the lesser performance of the shorter alternatives. A Southeast Alaskan troller is not a good investment but you would have a hard time convincing many who do it to do anything else.
There is a different type of longlining called vertical longlining, in which hooks are set vertically down the mainline, 4 or 5 to the string.

With loose footed or boomless gaff sail it's tricing up the tack and maybe ease the peak halyard some.
As applicable air postage is inclusive in the charged amount and within Australia the amount charged is GST inclusive. If you wish to order a set of study plans for the 64 ft Sports Fishing Boat design.
Here is a link to standard tuna longlining operation for micheal pierzga and others who havent seen it.
Or alternatively for Production boat construction from Polyester resin system, stitched glass, c-s-m, foam and balsa cored composites for both shells and internals.

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