Aquatic Campers are situated at 692 Pacific Hwy Belmont and hire and sell Boats, Tinnys and Camper Trailers. Our camper trailers that are available for hire come fully equipped with all the gear you need to suit up to 6 people.
There has been some good size Bream in the Noosa River, mainly around deeper holes and structures. Explore the aqua blue waters at Swansea on one of our BBQ Boats, pull up to the sand islands for a picnic or snorkelling, and enjoy the afternoon fishing.

Whether you after a small tinny, family runabout or bass type fishing boat we have something to suit. When visiting the Central Coast or staying at The Entrance why not give us a call to hire a BBQ boat for the day. Flathead have been around down the bottom end of the river between the first ski run and the mouth of Lake Cooirobah.
Soft plastics are generally the best form of fishing although mullet strips will also do the trick.

As always the best time to get out and have a fish is the early hours of the morning and the late hours of the afternoon. There has been some great reports when fishing in Woods bay and the Noosa sound area late at night.

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