Cape Rouge takes on water while docked in Bridgewater on the LaHave rRiver on Nova Scotia's South Shore on Monday. A fishing vessel tied up to Bridgewater’s town wharf began sinking Monday, forcing emergency crews to scramble to contain oil that may have leaked into LaHave River. It was feared that 4,500 litres of diesel fuel and another 180 litres of engine oil from the Cape Rouge’s tanks could spill into the river. By late Monday afternoon, the vessel’s owner had contacted a salvage operator to help refloat the boat, said David Walker, the town’s mayor.
Laidlaw, who arrived at the wharf by mid-afternoon, said coast guard crews would continue to monitor the 27-metre steel trawler overnight. The boat, which also appeared to have the name The Hannah, has been used by the television series Haven, Laidlaw said.

Officials were waiting for the salvage operator, Dominion Diving, to arrive and begin work, Walker said.
A person who answered the phone at the Bridgewater firehall said crews wasn’t sure how large the initial leak was. He said it is believed the diesel fuel on board is in a tank in the engine room, but he wasn’t sure where the engine oil was located. The age of the Cape Rouge wasn’t immediately known, but it is likely quite old, said Laidlaw. The Artificial Reef Society operates the town’s port, but its manager was out of town this week, Walker said. The Bridgewater Fire Department placed an absorbent boom around the Cape Rouge to contain the spill.

Apparently, filming was done on board and then it was returned to the wharf a few months ago, he said.
Coast Guard officials planned to watch the vessel to ensure no further leaks occurred, Laidlaw said.

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